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  1. be a lot easier to see clearly if photographed on a plain background...
  2. Anyone know anything about this? Assuming it is a privately-commissioned object, but...?
  3. thanks! embarrassed that I never even noted the lack of a second period in "U.S".
  4. Looks like these three were parkerized, but the original WWII manufacturer stamping still visible. Have not seen a mag pouch of this lighter-colored material before, so worth more?
  5. I've bought a number of things from Larry, and his people pack carefully and what he sells he stands behind. He's been very responsive on some questions I've had. Where he gets his fine stuff is beyond me. z
  6. I'm interested in both. They have no takedown tools (screwdrivers) and only one brush? Please let me know.

    Thanks, Jim


  7. I also collect WWII ephemera, and love the graphics... here are a few of Nash Kelvinator and other ads showing AAF, and a small bombadier's diary of missions.
  8. Thanks! I just got this one; similar good condition as yours. There are three different versions and while I would like to have all three, don't want one that's a fake. Anyone know if these were not 100% brass? The flaking on one about which I inquired above leaves me a bit dubious.... Seems odd that brass would be flaking -- unless originals not 100% brass? Seems if strong enough for large caliber shells, strong enough for a simple small casting, no? z
  9. Been looking for one of these for some time and found this but am dubious about the crap back casting and that appears a bit of the "brass" is coming off the German's butt on the reverse. Seen one flaking like this before? I know there are at least three versions of this that were locally made after the war... thanks, z
  10. I know that live ammo has to go UPS, but this small box of .30 blanks would easily fit in a USPS flat rate box. Any experience? thanks' z
  11. R, Right, thanks. However, it is the same WWII pattern as USMC -- that is, using it for background for frames of USMC medals and other such would still be correct? Does the N prefix to the contract number indicate Navy? it looks just like my other poncho. Thank you.
  12. I need some original WWII USMC poncho material for a couple of small medal and other such display frames, and saw this one. Can anyone ID the manufacturer or the pattern as being WWII issue? Not sure if the USMC ponchos were labelled "USN?" even tho USMC related to US Navy? I'm not consistently getting emails from USMF so please write to my username at gmail.com thanks! z
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