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  1. You men know a lot about camo patterns; is this jacket pattern WWII?
  2. https://giffords.org/lawcenter/gun-laws/policy-areas/hardware-ammunition/large-capacity-magazines/#footnote_18_5653 lots of other useful info on the site. very few states ban HCM, and the ones that do consider 10-round mags the max.
  3. (note to mods: if this is the wrong forum, please move and let me know) Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the buyer of a high-capacity magazine is legally allowed to own it wherever he/she lives? If I'm selling -- for example -- a 15-round M1 Carbine magazine, do I simply take the buyer's agreement to buy it as his acknowledgement that he can legally own such, or am I the one who will be held responsible for selling it into a state/city where illegal, such as California, in this example? I'm not a dealer, just a collector who might be thinning the herd at some point. Does an
  4. My understanding is that the 30 rd mags were designed specifically for the M2 (select semi or full auto) Carbine and so used in Korea.
  5. Can anyone refer me to an official source that specifies the dates when this piece of ordnance was produced? It has dates, but only "8-53" not "1953" It was listed on a sales site as "WWII 1943" but once in hand obviously not. Need some official proof in order to return to seller... thanks! z
  6. Mike, thanks; was afraid of that. you can tell by the helmet straps and the bales? z
  7. Seller says this is WWII US helmet, but straps and bales don't look like my others Cannot find heat stamp.. Please enlighten me. thanks, z
  8. Maybe he's your Grandfather HA; my grandfather actually was an Italian Navy submarine commander in WWI and correction: RIGHT SIDE THANK YOU, WILL DO. Z PS:
  9. Mussolini, 1927 The man on the left edge of the frame looks almost exactly like me (but I don't have one of the Fascist fez caps) and I would like to know who he is if anyone has any idea or reference source? Particularly bizarre because I was born in Italy, but my father was much younger than this man would be in the photo...
  10. After WWII exploits I give him a lot of slack. Spit and polish vs combat skills? No contest.
  11. Does anyone know what material the quatrefoil embroidery on top of my USMC white cover is? The above product warns against using on satin. z
  12. thank you so much! just hate to see this beautiful cover less than white. Wouldn't want the ghost of Chesty Puller to haunt me. z
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