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  1. I just have a question regarding the quality of items to bring. A friend of mine told me not to bring "20 dollar items" for my table, but going through the things I want to sell, there are some items I would put around a 20 dollar price on and would like to take them to the show. I know this show is revered to have the best militaria, but is it acceptable to bring lower quality items for sale?
  2. I'll be there looking for WWII US uniform groupings, can't wait to see what's at the show this year!
  3. It is quite possible that some of the later medals belong to the Army Air Corps officer. I have bought and sold several groups from aviators who started out as Second Lieutenants in the AAC during World War II and retired as generals in the 1970s. The officer could have chosen the same path and could have served during several wars and earned his medals then. Also consider that the medals could be reissues from a later time period. I have had several WWII groupings which included 1980s produced medals from vets who requested them in the 1980s due to different circumstances such as they were mi
  4. I would say that the photo of the AAC guy on the left in post 6 is the same guy standing in the center of the family photo, based off of the AAC officer uniform he is wearing and they appear to have the same facial structure. I can't quite make out what kind of wings he has pinned on the uniform. As for the guy on the right in post 6 with the cigarette I would say he is the guy in the sitting on the left in the photo (right of the sailor) based off of their same rank, and he also has rather large distinguishable eyebrows. I'm not sure about the AAC guy with the B-15 jacket and the scarf, I was
  5. Looks like it's a World War II US Navy visor hat, and it could have possibly had the insignia of a Chief Petty Officer. I think I saw a similar Hat on International Military Antiques. I'll see if i can copy and paste the link. https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-navy-chief-petty-officer-cpo-visor-hat?variant=12208758685765
  6. DI and insignia belong to the 210th armor regiment. Not sure of the period, but the information I found on them was post WWII.
  7. The DI could be worn on the lapel below the collar discs or on the side of an overseas hat. It was the proper configuration to move the DI to the Epaulet/shoulder of the uniform during the post World War II period like in the photo that was posted in this thread by patches
  8. Are the P53 shirts rare and hard to come across? I've only been focused on P41s and P44s and I don't think I have ever seen any P53 fatigues before.
  9. That's a neat Tank Destroyer Christmas Card, I can't say that I've ever seen one before. Whats's interesting is that the graphic appears to be a six wheel variation of the TD patch. It has an incredible and bright graphic for its age! I wouldn't be worried about any small damage, it's just nice to see that it survived.
  10. The photo is very unique, I do not usually see these unit photos with men in full gear. Usually they are just wearing their web belts and holding their rifles. Would it be possible to upload an image that shows the whole photograph? Maybe even closeups of the guidon flags could help reveal the identity of the unit.
  11. I have read several accounts from veterans who served under Patton who mention having to wear neckties in combat. I recall one was from an officer in North Africa who recounted Patton making the officers wear neckties while serving under him in all circumstances. I have also read stories from enlisted men who were in the Third Army in Europe that recall Patton ordering them to wear neckties. It is interesting to read about different perspectives regarding Patton, some seem to really hate him while others hold him in high regard.
  12. I have seen several sets of these cuffs before but they were never attached to a uniform. I have been looking for the Bikini cuffs for my own collection but have not found any for sale yet. Very nice find thanks for sharing
  13. To me, it does not look like a real World War II flag as nothing on it resembles being navy issued. It might even be a tribute flag someone made instead of a blatant fake but who knows. It would be odd to find a flag like this, especially being named to the ship's captain without any supporting documentation since it would be a very unique and desirable flag. However I feel if it wasn't a supposed spurious flag and there was supporting documentation for the flag's authenticity the estimated price would be a lot higher so perhaps the company is aware of the problems.
  14. As someone who does not collect certificates or know much about them, could you guys point out what makes these certificates fake? Just so I know in case I run into any groups that have them in the future
  15. Hey Bill no worries, happy to help when i can, sorry I did not see these posts until now, but I have come across different variations of DIs in the past and am still coming across variations I have never seen before. I also find it interesting how some of the DIs appear to be almost exactly similar at first glance, the only difference being a symbol or color pattern. I usually look at the official army DIs and then branch out with the theatre made insignia and try to draw comparisons from there.
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