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    Military History (primarily 20th century), Motorcycle Travel/Touring, Architecture, Politics. My passion is military medals...
  1. Greetings all - I'm a new member although I've been coming here for many years doing research of various types. While military history has always been my passion, I specifically create military 'shadowboxes' for vets and family members. I'm a stickler for detail and research, am proud of my museum-quality work, and absolutely love the mesh of history and service to others. You may see some of my commissions on my website (I need to re-do and update it soon!). While I do collect a bit, I strive to keep my 'eye on the prize' of medals and those items pertinent to their placement in my work (medals, patches, insignia, badges, etc). When commissioned, I prefer to use period-original items to the veteran... I'm honored to be on this Forum, it's really an inspiration to visit here!
  2. This style of wing, with a shield sans stars, is called the 'Adams design' after its designer in 1921; it then became the standard for the USAAF/USAF. The 'pelican beak' style, shown here, was manufactured by Meyer, Vanguard, (LGB) Balfour, H&H, Amico, Gemsco, A.E.Co., Moody Bros.
  3. Drives me crazy to see this photo of the Medal of Honor ribbon placed upside down... grrr. My understanding of the star over the wings is that it became a standard only AFTER the full-wing badge was approved for Reserve Military Aviators. I've seen 'Dallas' and 'Link' style wings with the star. Oh, how I wish to have one someday for my collection. Source:"Thirty Years of US Army Pilot Wings 1917-1947"; Chas. Fitzsimmons, 1994
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