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  1. Same here..... and, according to the regs, it was worn on the right side.
  2. Man, that stinks! Having used College Park before, the security I thought was pretty tight, this coming from a NSA/DIA retired guy! Hope they throw the book at this clown!
  3. David, Have sold some of it off. I'm semi-retired from collecting. Have a couple more that I didn't show. Right now, I'm laying in Johns Hopkins hospital. Hopefully, home tomorrow to recover. Then again, if the MRI today shows the infection in my foot spread to the bone, god knows what's next. Anyway, glad you like them! John
  4. Just judging by the construction. Can't remember when the gold for 12 years honorable service came into use, but think it was in the 50's. There are several guys on here that collect bullion rates.
  5. I'd say the price is fair retail, the officers shirt actually being the rarest part.
  6. Service of Supply. Looks unmessed with too. A lot of SOS personnnel were in the Quartermaster end of things, which given Service of Supply, makes perfect sense! lol Looks like a nice tunic. Wonder if there is a name?
  7. AB, I'm getting old..... everything is shrinking! lol
  8. I didn't do a ton of research on him, never sent to St. Louis for his records. Sold it in one of my many uniform dumps. Have shrunk my uniform collection down from 33 storage tubs to two, and feel great about the shrinkage! John
  9. Actually, with a bit of practice on a flat surface, you can do it. Tools are another story! I've never, ever, never seen anyone who could engrave a tool. My oldest son is retired from the AF, and was in vehicle maintenance and had to engrave tools. I learned to engrave from my dad, who was a photoengraver, and my tool engraving looked like the work of a non too coordinated monkey! Back in the 70's there was a move on to engrave your drivers lic number on valuables, and like you say, hard to do. I'd bet my eye teeth this was done with an pencil engraver though! I totally agree about the fr
  10. I know diddly about WW1 USMC, but I do know engraving. 150% sure it is electro pen. Like stated above, there are no breaks in the engraving. Add that lack of aging, and you have a budding small businessman! My .02 John
  11. Sam, thanks..... I know they changed the tag design several times.
  12. Robert, Thanks..... didn't know the VFW and Purple Heart were involved. I'm calling both today and opting out of both organizations. Apparently, both have their heads buried somewhere south.......
  13. Yeah, you think a vet would understand. He could be looking at the buying and selling part while forgetting that sometimes folks fall on hard times and sell things that they normally wouldn't just to make ends meet.
  14. I have a personal story that relates to this stupid bill. A member of our local VVA fell on really hard times, and was about to loose his house. I was there shooting the breeze, and Rich comes up to me. He says I know you collect military stuff, I need to sell my stuff from the war. Told him ok, it wasn't my area, (heck did two tours there, and it wasn't THAT long ago, ok, maybe it was! lol) I knew a local guy, a retired Army WO who collected Nam stuff. Rich had been a stick gunner in country, and had three hearts as a result. And, he saved everything! Well, long story short, I hooked them up,
  15. Agree totally with the above. Just to add, sometimes pre-war guard/active soldiers continued to wear two cheverons. Also, the tag is a united garment workers tag. John
  16. Yep, asbestos traces in the mask packing. There is also asbestos in WW1 helmet pads. Neither will harm you unless you are eating it, rolling around in it, or some such thing. It isn't like the folks in the brake industry that were heavily exposed to it for years. We are talking trace elements here. John
  17. Actually, ROTC tunics are fairly scarce when compared to regular Army tunics, but, not widely collected. About half their asking price would be around fair retail, but at $300, they could have it a loooooonnnnngggggg time. John
  18. They look to be..... Could be 100% sure if I saw the back. Most if the WW1 era boards used a screw in button vice snaps. John
  19. I agree with Allan. Really beat up, faded/discolored medical corps. John
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