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  1. i am not sure how to upload a picture on here. but its in very good shape. the ebay pictures werent very good at all, and i got it cleaned up since i received it. if you search ebay for 1949 camillus, then sold listings you can see it. if you would like to, you can send me an email, i will send you pictures of it, maybe you know how to upload them? james.vancamp@oconnellelectric.com
  2. i also have a 1949. i just got it this week. she a beauty too.
  3. add me to the list of 1949 owners!! some idiot put one on ebay the other day for $50.00!!! i got it!!!
  4. good news is i scored a 1949 the other day!! not too many of them around anymore. only 25 or so ever even made.
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