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  1. Couldn't find the thread... I can't add a hyperlink for some reason but you can find pics of the many repro Hawleys I made on photobucket. Username norristown1863
  2. I made the "French" ones...there is a thread on this forum. Rob no longer makes them and in fact I supplied him one, as well as J Murray.
  3. This was a display we did at the end of June, here in England- The Ghost army. In the best traditions of the 23rd HQ Special Troops we kept all photographs of our impression at this event strictly under wraps. Trowbridge was going to be a chance for us to test the waters with an impression that probably hasn't been undertaken on this scale by any living history group before. It proved to be an education, for the public, and us. The public didn't have a clue about the existence of such a unit, and for us it underlined the importance of paying homage to units whose tale is not often known ab
  4. Got a second hand pair ( via this forum) and they stood up excellently wearing 24/7 for 9 days in Normandy during the 70th
  5. Thanks...we may be in England (not Germany)...we may be English (Not Americans), , we may not be 18+ years of age, but we do our best!!!
  6. GI44-45, together with Allied forces Living History Association, 2nd Armored in Europe and many like-minded individuals came togther last weekend to portray the 79th Infantry as they crossed the Rhine in to Germany... For your consideration....
  7. My Pal in Dallas lives 10 minutes from here, but he's never seen it and reckons its shut down??
  8. Thanks- as you live in Dallas. Any decent surplus stores or flea markets where I may be able to pick up a collectable!?
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