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  1. I have/had a couple of similar snorters in my collection.
  2. Great photos! I have similar in another collection. Problem is I do not know which collection or where it is!
  3. Looking at the parts more closely, I believe they came from the Italeri jeep and trailer kit.
  4. I've got you covered! Have jeep and trailer parts from an old Tamiya kit. Will send you two wheels, one with a rear hub and the other with the front. They have been airbrushed OD but should work. PM me your address and I will get them out to you. No need to worry about $. ---Mike
  5. Did you also notice the small cream/milk bottle on the sill above the drinking fountain? Wonder if it has a patriotic design. I really like the array of clothing and caps. When they called the men together to pose for the shot, some did not stop to wash their hands! A real moment in time.
  6. Here is a larger image so as to see detail... For whatever reason, I cannot remove this image. It is NOT a larger scan than above.
  7. Here is a series of documents that relate to the training and work Arthur undertook during his time maintaining bombers.
  8. This collection of original documents and photographs is attributed to Arthur D. Ethier of Rhode Island. In 1936, at the age of seventeen, he enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps working on four different projects until his discharge in 1939. His occupation was truck driver. Arthur enlisted in the Air Corps in November 1941. He performed aircraft maintenance at stateside airfields until his discharge in December 1945. Here is a fantastic photo of maintenance guys at Peterson Field in Colorado. Arthur is identified in the upper right corner. You gotta love the grimy coveralls!
  9. Not sure this is of any use to you. My best friend was with the 114th Military Police Company during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and sent home a number of items. This is part of a carton containing the bottled water they were issued. There is printing on two other sides if important.
  10. I believe this is an example of the armored patch worn by officers at Fort Benning in 1941.
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