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  1. Well.. that was a while ago. Some changes since then.
  2. Thanks Garandy for the manufacturers name. Is it a possible variation without the ‘’M-7 GRENADE LAUNCHER/FOR M1 RIFLE’’ marking on the bottom and no 1 to 6 range indicators on top? Marc
  3. Hi. Only markings are on the inside. Nothing on the outside. I did not find these initials on any manufacturer’s list I consulted. Thanks for any info. ''flaming bomb'' U.S. L.F.&C 4 Marc
  4. I have purchased two sets of flying helmet receivers, cord and plug. Details given by the seller: MFG by Western Electric, Harrison, NJ. Used by US Air Corp and its allies. Wires are cotton braided covered, and the receivers are metal, 575 Ohms. The markings on the receivers seem to have the ‘’broad arrow’’. What about the markings on the yellow tag? If British, also used by USAAF personnel? Thanks for any precisions.
  5. a break after the battle…. Thank you all for your positive comments. I first presented my basement museum back in 2007, http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...4&hl=cellar I will soon post a new topic with updates made since. Steven
  6. M-1 Thompson sub machine gun, two canteens as often seen in tropical areas
  7. From the same Pacific display. GI in 1943, 1st pattern HBT jacket & cargo trousers in light shade green, fixed bail helmet.
  8. Marines in captured Japanese camp during Salomon Islands campaign. Cut down paramarine smock with P42 trousers and army camo one piece suit. Both have 1st pattern helmet covers. Jungle boots & boondockers
  9. After some research on the army camo set in the ETO I made a mannequin recently. I just found this topic on the subject and would like to share my representation of the 2nd Armored Division’s 41st Infantry Battalion. Steven
  10. steven61


    The medic in my display. And a private’s combat pouches with contents that I recently completed. (As correctly as possible.) Steven
  11. The stencil reads MOTOR TRANSPORT DIVISION and there is a large oil-grease stain on the front. The pouch is on the belt in between the canteens. I am glad you all confirm what I recently suspected about my P44 bought more than a year ago is in fact a paramarine smock. I was looking for a P-42 coat to match my P-42 trousers, to represent a marine in 43-44. Will the smock be a possible replacement? As I dressed the mannequin. Steven
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