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  1. Could be, but I think it's more in the fabric itself. I can't think of any reason why a military tent would be died pink.... Although I loved the Sheriff Joe comment above.
  2. Picked this up, can't find any markings on it, it has military type loops and such on it, but I'm thinking it's a post WW2 tent, commercial market with some leftover webbing, but want to make sure before I move it on....
  3. Can I get some feedback on this flight jacket? I've been out of the loop for a long time, but ran into this today, no labels/tags anywhere I can find, there is the USN stencil on the underside of the collar, Talon zipper, some fraying around the waist trim, what model/year is this? And what would be an approximate value (I can get this for about 170$)? Thanks, Chris...
  4. I think I found it.... M35 M35A2 M36 Deuce 2 1/2 ton M54 M813 5 ton Military Army Canvas End Curtain There is one listed on ebay right now.....you guys got me thinking in a different direction which helped me find it....thanks, Chris... I was sure it was jeep, but this got me looking elsewhere....
  5. I have had this kicking around for awhile, not for sure what it fits though? I'm guessing jeep related? Chris...
  6. I have a parka liner, but not exactly sure of the model it fits....does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  7. He was a class act. God speed....
  8. Thanks everyone for the quick replies and info on this, I appreciate it! Chris...
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