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  1. Well.. you posted yesterday.. it may takes some time before someone replies, be patient.
  2. Is it just me or on the eagle decal the screw part is somehow turned?
  3. I'd say its a cover based on the wrinkles and the "clothy" look of it.
  4. I have this jacket for a while now and still i'm not sure if it's original and when i read this topic i really doubt it. It has a somehow green wool liner, it doesnt have a QM label in the pocket and it has a KWIK zipper with "MADE IN USA" om the back of it, sorry if it is to obvious because i'm not really into these kind jackets
  5. Wow! Very nice find! you may consider yourself sooo lucky, damnn
  6. This is the same one in St. Mere like on the first page but from a different angle And this one can be found at Utah beach next to the museum
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