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  1. I was a Signalman, so would have been Right Arm. Interestingly, when the USN dropped the 8 button CPO blues, they did not change the CPO white coat. It remained 8 button (medium buttons, vice the large buttons on Officer and 6 button coats. Loved those.
  2. I agree on the WW2 CPO uniforms. I also like the look of the Combination Cap anchor without the black backing. Prefer the 8 button blues and whites too.
  3. Not sure when the CG dropped the blue cap. But the white ones were worn until 1975, when the CG changed their entire uniform.
  4. One of my guys made SMC, BEFORE he got his first GCM. CO was some what surprised by that 🤣⚓️👍🏻
  5. Looks like there was a marksman ship patch sewn on there. In those days, it was a patch sewn lower right sleeve. They were often set at an angle
  6. Too pair feel pre WW2. WW2 issue trousers had a brass zipper in the left hand front pocket. Bottom pair are post WW2, reference the tag.
  7. The fabric is Gaberdine. The embroidery Tells me these are private purchase. Very nice, and concure, WW2.
  8. Hate seeing these trousers with those fire and aft creases! Someone put some effort into messing them up
  9. The white covers were adopted about 1859(ish). They were dropped about the mid 1880s. At about the time the white cap cover was dropped, the “White Hat”, (“Dixie cup”) , was adopted. When originally adopted, the White Hat, was only for summer, working uniform, at sea. It eventually replaces the flat hat as the most used hat/cap
  10. No, USN did not have a white version of the Flat Hat, like the USCG.
  11. They weren’t. Prior to 1940, the eagle looked left on all rates. Those on the left sleeve had the eagle looking to the rear.
  12. The USN goes through a lot of useless uniforms that we are required to have but seldom if ever wear. I made CPO in 1985. I bought the Service Dress White Coat, (Choker Whites). By the time I retired in 1999, I had worn I 3 times. All for Summer Change of Commands, requiring Full Dress White. I knew guys who never bothered to get one. If they needed one, they would go to the exchange, buy one, wear it for whatever event required it, then take it back to the exchange and get their money back. The Flat hat fell into that category. By the 1950s, it was reserved for formal dress occasions
  13. Coast Guard wore the “Flat Hat”, (White at least), until 1975
  14. I think my sister has my dads boot camp graduation photo from 1947. His company is wearing them. I’ve seen a Change of Command photo from the ‘50s, where they are being worn and a buddy of mine who was in the last recruit company to be issued them in 1963. His graduation photo has him wearing his. But, I don’t have access to any of those
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