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    German Weimar/TR army sabers. German daggers, EK's. <br />Japanese guntos, signed flags, sake cups.<br />US Wings, edged weapons.<br />Military models.<br /><br />WW2 in general.
  1. Thanks for the info. Can you speak to value? It's for a gentleman I know who's dad was issued it during the invasions. tom
  2. Posted this at the other 2 forums. Can anyone give any info on it or any type of value? Issued by the Army to an Officer during the war. I have no other info on it. thanks, T
  3. Post a photo if you can. Never heard of them. My guess is that they were simply a distributer of sorts. Probably from the 1920's-1930's I'm guessing?
  4. Here's a little pilot display. Some AAF and USN stuff.
  5. Newest very early mini. Nice crossed nickel cavalry sabers on scabbard.
  6. Thank you Sarge. I should probably clarify. The Geo. Donovan has the blade markings including the OSU and arsenal/propety marks. The Saber Club belongs with this personalized scabbard. No MM. Just an unattributed. Scabbard throat area marked Capt. so and so, Co. K. Unfortunately, someone replaced the throat piece along the way as the original is missing and a flush throat is present. Then there is the Horstman that is personalized. Acid Etched on the blade is the owners name.
  7. Here's a couple of my M-1902's. I've listed a George Donovan with what I believe to be Ohio State University ROTC arsenal markings. As well as a 1940's Horstman and an unattributed "made in the USA" saber that is personalized. Back strap has markings as well as the scabbard, named to a Captain and presentation date of 1940-1941.
  8. Thank you for the kind words. You are right. Either way, I'm happy with them and they certainly have found a comfortable place in my collection. Tom
  9. Thanks George. Your the man I owe it to. I really enjoy these and they really are a heck of alot easier to display . Thanks for your input regarding my Wrangel on the other forum. I'd really like to get to the bottom of that blued scabbard. Tom
  10. Thank you gentlemen for the comments. I appreciate it. I have a limited wing knowledge so with these Navys, I'm never certain. They were sold as WWII era. They are nice wings even if they are not war period. I hope they are, as that's my primary area of interest.
  11. I thought I had posted these here in the past for opinions. After completing a search, I guess I didn't. What do you guys think of these? They just look so darn new it scares me a little. Thanks, Tom
  12. Well, Since Sarge posted the thread some time back regarding collecting the minis, I had to start collecting these little buggers as well. In this short time, I've managed to put together a small collection of 'em. A few 1902's, couple of navys, and a USMC (from Sarge). They sure are fun to collect...and oh yea, put much less of a ding in the pocket book than there full size counterparts or the German stuff I also collect. Easy to find on Ebay. Although, it's interesting to watch how vastly the price they sell for varies. I've found it's all in how the seller lists them. At times,
  13. Nice Eickhorn and Springfield. Both seldom seen. I've got a few from small makers like George Donovan. Also a Horstman and a few others. They can be had for relatively little money and often times are found personalized. Both of your sabers are very nice.
  14. Picked up a real oldy 1902 mini from eBay for $25. Simulated wood grip. Its of multiple part construction. Came with the sword knot. My guess is that this guy is probably from the 1930's. Interestingly, they really vary in price. I was able to grab both of the 1902's for about the same price. Around the same time, other little 1902's sold for about $50, in much worse condition. It's all how they are listed....I guess it's just like anything else on eCrap. Market to the right audience and you'll command the highest prices. George, ya' got me hooked. Anyone got any USN officer
  15. Here's a couple of minis in my collection. Got another 1902 and a Navy on the way. Many thanks to George for the USMC mini. Tom
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