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  1. Really? Damn, I've been meaning to pick up a few things from them since no one else made them.
  2. Hey bargunner, HT&C makes them but their site has been for the last week. Dunno if that means they're not around anymore.
  3. I've never seen a wash roll like this before, I was wondering if anyone else had one like it and if they were able to fill it as I'm not sure how contents would stay still with the adjustable straps. Thanks
  4. ww2imp, do you plan on doing the earlier oatmeal color or underpants in either shade?
  5. I understand they had a buckle for the Sam brown belts in the 30's-40's, but were there regular trouser buckles made in the 40's or did that pick up in the 50's? The Manchus site only had them from the 50's and up.
  6. Hi, I've heard that it was common for a soldier to line their shirt's collar with material to help with shafting, but oddly enough I've never seen a shirt in person with this modification. I did a quick search and nothing popped up. Does anyone have a shirt like this that they wouldn't mind showing? I wanted to try this on a repro shirt. Thanks
  7. Memphis, thank you so much for the photos, that's the first tri-fold women's id i've seen. I could only find the later pattern ids. I wasn't sure if they were only issued the non-combatant ids but now I know. Please do post anything else you could find. Thanks
  8. I've been looking at id cards from ww2 but, i'm having a problem finding what id cards WACs, WASPs, ect carried, all i could find was ANCs ids. Where they issued the normal tri-fold cards or the normal medical version on the card? I was wondering if anyone had ids in their collections they wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks
  9. Hmm, alright. In that case I'll just hold on to it for parts. Thanks again guys
  10. Many thanks for the reply, do you happen to know how much they go for off hand?
  11. I got this a little over a year ago but I'm not sure which type it is, I'm not a bayonet type person. It's roughly 6 1/2 inchs long. Sorry, the img tags do not want o work for me. http://cubeupload.com/im/dj861F.jpg http://cubeupload.com/im/lP21EW.jpg http://cubeupload.com/im/gL2tKl.jpg
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