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  1. To my knowledge liners were packaged without parts (headband & neckband). Pete
  2. I find it hard to believe the US didn't produce something simple as helmet nets before the M44 net. Of several nets in my collection I am convinced they are US made. Pete
  3. Plus IMO the rayon was added and the leather chinstrap is not original to the liner. Pete
  4. Thanks for your fine words regarding my book. Pete
  5. Recently I obtained a nice group of 7th Field Artillery insignia. Three of the DI's are German made, Lauer marked. I think the crossed cannons are German made too (based on the screw attachments). I wonder about the two aluminum screw back DI's. The back of one seems to have some printing on it which makes me think it is recycled aluminum. They are quite detailed and nicely made. Could these be German made too or African made maybe? The unit was there with operation Torch. Pete
  6. Dan, the 36th Division has many fans and is my favorite unit. I added a little collage from items of my collection. Not quite the correct season but I am sure you will appreciate it. Pete
  7. Here's a helmet from my collection. I found it close to Montelimar. Pete
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