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  1. Not sure what happened to my last post but it merged my text with my link. My belt is similar. It is OD#7 with OD#3 stitching, alloy buckle, with no retaining snaps and no markings at all. It is not worn enough to have markings fade which confuses me further.
  2. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/337389-m1923-cartridge-belt/ I have one of these as well. Zinc buckles with with OD#3 stitching and no retaining straps. I believe it to be 1945 production but there are no markings present, not even a US stamp. The item is not worn enough to have the markings worn away which confuses me further.
  3. Try something light like alcohol or goo gone instead of a full blown paint stripper. I'd Try and preserve as much of the original paint as possible
  4. WWII Front Seam Schlueter Helmet! Looks like Chance Morgan is the name. Not sure on the rest of it
  5. My apologies for having to link the pictures, I had resized them but they didn't seem to upload. Might have been my internet connection but thank you for posting them here! Hoping to find some answers about this piece
  6. Hi everyone! I recently picked up this near mint and beautiful belt from an antiques store. This belt is quite interesting as it has the wartime alloy/cast buckle and has no US/USMC or manufacturer markings at all despite the very intact and non faded fabric (pictures had to be taken on my moms favorite holiday themed tablecloth because it made the color look as close as possible to how it does in person, hope you enjoy it!). Lift the Dots are United Carr and there is not a second row of snaps for ammo retainers. I'm struggling to identify what era it might be because of the buckle and seeming
  7. Looks like a Schlueter Shell to me. Very neat find!
  8. Wow, that is quite the place to find such a liner. Surprised he didn't cut them off like most grunts would have. Also is it just me or does the marine in question on the left with the liner have his socks rolled over his Boondockers?
  9. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Surprised there weren't more producers. I also have to wonder when these were introduced for issue to the "skittles" on deck?
  10. Awesome! Are these casted from molds? Because that is a great idea for creating a durable Hawley!
  11. Those look very similar to a type of goggle claimed to be used by the Luftwaffe or Mechanized Units by sellers. Not sure on the authenticity of their claims but they looks about 90% the same as what you've got there
  12. Would the nametag applied to the brow be the same type as those applied to A-2 Flight Jackets?
  13. Been following this thread for a while and I have to say fantastic collections everyone. I'm particularly fascinated with the variety and usage of deck helmets because it's interesting to see the different colors and modifications made to them. Does anyone know what companies produced deck helmets?
  14. Hello fellow militaria collectors! My name is Sam and I've been lurking here for a few years so I decided it was finally time to create an account here. My main interest lies in WWII-era Naval and Marine aviators with a side of USAAF here and there. I'm excited to hopefully make some new friends here and expand my knowledge of these subjects.
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