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  1. indeed, i still want to verify the full line of custody no matter what the opinions are on either helmet
  2. Potentially, however I wasn't planning on purchasing this helmet, I had purchased a different one from the same seller. Questions had been raised, and this one merely needed more eyes on it
  3. the insignia is quite bright in daylight pics, but appears darker in fully lit room lighting. scratches revealing blue where there was a higher insignia painted. this helmet is still debatable
  4. I still regret not picking that one up when it was being sold here, I love the look
  5. again, here are some closer photos of the 88th
  6. I really want to thank all the forum members out there for all the help, and to brian at wwmilitaria, thank you again for reaching out to me personally as well. Again, I do apologize that this had created an entire issue. The helmet looked good to me, and I had gotten spooked from what opinions that previous collectors that had been burned before, and it made me go back and forth, but got mixed up, and lost some of my intuition. I'm keeping the 88th, and for what it is worth, the medic helmet, for which I started this topic, looks a lot better in the more natural lighting. I have come to my conclusion, and I think I'm ready to accept that sometimes, there is just very weird coincidence. I am still going to be doing an extensive overview, and would like others to see it in hand at some point. Thank you again to the forum, and thank you again,brian, and my apologies that this went the way it did.
  7. A forum member that had seen jkash personally had confirmed that the seller is not him, so I won't post the picture of the seller on a public thread to keep the identity of the seller secure. It may be a very strange coincidence, as the other info regarding the two are quite similar, but now it is hard to say. He very well could be using pictures that aren't him, or it could be just a guy that is selling helmets with very similar work history and photography style
  8. Indeed, they day after I purchased, the ebay user had changed profile names, which I wouldn't suppose would be to suspect if they were changing their items sold. As for the id picture they use, I have a painted vn era helmet made to look like a beach battalion helmet, so it's hard to be suspect on that too
  9. i really value everyones judgement out there. i havent decided to return the 88th quite yet, as there is still more in depth analysis i want to get done. if anyone out here receives the medic helmet, i can only hope it ends up with a forum member so they can also document it, it would be nice for a side by side for reference. so far it still seems to be mixed reviews. i have only been collecting m1's for about three years after kinda getting out of the german hobby for it being quite dubious, however, i have learned in this short time that there are many things over debate in the us militaria realm as well (albeit still relatively cheaper)
  10. Indeed it is a lighter almost grayish blue underneath. There is signs of previous 88th insignia underneath a repaint as well. The white is also overpainted on a darkened white. I've compared it to several painted helmets I own, and it is still quite convincing. I own a x40 loupe, and is still probably not the magnification needed to be conclusive. I see things I like about it, however, I kinda wish I had more to reference to in my possession
  11. I kinda feel it is not directly just the style, but also the subject. I have the other helmet In hand that I had an accepted offer on. When I got it, it was the only one listed. It looked strikingly convincing when listed by itself. I am not really too impressed with the paint on magnification. The whole helmet was also wrapped in a towel that was heavily impregnated with some king of very strong scent, like a deodorizer, and am suspicious that it may have been used to mask the smell of chemicals and fresh paint.
  12. The two and three looks like the same stencil kit, but the one doesn't. I feel it was a pretty exclusive way of marking these, and just doesn't look like it matches to them
  13. for further info, the one i received had been listed first, and it wasn't until afterwards the next day that i had seen this medic m1 pop up, with the new seller name of wwmilitaria. the seller is not located in the d.c., or even east coast, but st paul minnesota. after knowing what i had found out about jkash, i had found the current sellers business websites, and they are almost identical to each other. the main differences being different credentials. but same specialties, and even hobbies. that is aside from the photography style.
  14. i hate to have to turn my self in to the guinea pig, but i don't think i can in right mind return it if it will be resold or repurposed. the best i can try to do now is try to get the word out i feel
  15. This is the one that I had the accepted offer on. It wasn't until later that I found out about jkash. I feel it necessary for people to know about this, as I have the sellers name and location, and also know what he looks like. I am fairly positive it is him after doing extensive reading on topics involving him. I found some stunning information about the comparisons of the two people, and have come to the determination that he has many aliases. It's just too similar to disregard what I know. I feel that I was very complacent in the hobby, as I have many true m1s, including painted ones, and ultimately feels quite embarrassing to think I likely fell for this scam
  16. https://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-Helmet-WWII-Medic-Swivel-Bail-Front-Seam-and-Mine-Safety-Appliances-Liner/313159642455 i have another helmet in hand from this seller from an accepted offer, results of paint are inconclusive with other painted helmets i own, and feel i need higher magnification than my loupe. a lot of similarities that you members that have been here longer than i might recall from a certain situation. sorry to spoil the fun by pasting the ebay link, but this one for sure needs eyes on it
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-Helmet-WWII-Medic-Swivel-Bail-Front-Seam-and-Mine-Safety-Appliances-Liner/313159642455 not sure why im the first one to bring this to light, but i need to make this one public. i had an accepted offer on another helmet that the seller had listed. wasnt really spooked until it had been brought to light that it looked very similar to a fraudster that got called out back in 2017. i have the other helmet in hand now, and i have to admit, im not entirely sure anymore. i have taken a loupe to it, but results seem inconclusive compared to other known painted m1's i own.
  18. i couldn't believe the luck when i saw it. i figured i had waited long enough, and this one was definitely the one
  19. thanks a lot, its special to me for sure
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