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  1. happened by chance that Steve of M1 Helmet Depot had it. Made a rather large deal on it. It is presented in Helmets of the ETO by Giard and Blais
  2. not to come off sideways, but the way you describe it, you would legitimately need a photo of the occurrence of bill of sale with the vet physically passing the helmet over to the owner, in its current state. no helmet in this thread by that logic could be proven to those standards otherwise
  3. i have several painted lids, but ya drive a hard bargain there. last picture, Col., at the time, Kelleher pictured center shaking hands, wearing this same liner before it was painted over in an awards presentation ceremony in San Luis Obispo. The award on his chest looks to be the first out of his two, second being earned in Korea, Legion of Merit medals
  4. try wearing a jeep cap with it, it might help. a common thing in the field
  5. shell and liner are kinda meh, but cover looks great. i'd probably end up putting it on a different lid since it is already put together
  6. i'd agree with that. liner is a late westinghouse with 1945 dated headband, so late 40's early 50's i'd figure. it would be interesting to see others done up like this, but maybe the owner just had an artistic eye, and wanted something special. I know other speculation was a bit more "merry" if you know what i mean
  7. i think this is the only other vantage point i got at the moment. not as close up as my first pic, but does show the underside and snap
  8. i'm pretty sure given the color of the chevrons anyways
  9. I only have these two, but I like them a lot
  10. i'd shared all these in FB groups, but figured might as well post them here too. the liner is my favorite piece to the helmet
  11. yes, more normal than mine anyway. mine is a non factory installation
  12. honestly, the stitching on the loop just kinda looks rust stained. looks like there is a slight amount on the strap too. m1c straps can get weird though
  13. hers the pasgt i used before we got the lwmch's. it had been marked like this years before i got to my first boat. wouldve liked to have known the story behind it
  14. youll see different markings on all sorts of helmets in the navy, we get kinda bored sometimes. i used this one while deployed to the south pac/indian ocean. a lot of time standing behind a gun going through the straights there. the navy is pretty specific with numbering and letters for positions. some ships are pretty big, so it's kinda our road map. eventually, ya just know where everything is given time
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