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  1. Not really in the field per se, but a good marked liner
  2. I had one a long time ago with an identically marked ink stamp. I think mine was 55. I believe I had eventually found a number code near the crown
  3. That really is a pretty cool looking net. I think I've only ever seen the one that Steve sold some time ago on his site
  4. That's a real looker right there. Beautifully preserved camo lid
  5. As a firecontrolman in the US navy myself, this is an awesome liner. I don't wanna sound like that guy, but if ya ever wanna give it a new home...
  6. Even if it was original, that thing looks like a grease ball in those pics. European prices on m1s are also unreal
  7. Figured the seller probably listed as kw since the outside has a definite repaint. And the color looks pretty much the same as most post war reprints
  8. I know inverting the colors in an image can sometimes make things pop out a little more
  9. It is very strange. I have noted a lot of very weird variations in the stamping in Schlueter shells from some of the ones I've owned, but this one takes the cake.
  10. Hah, that's one way to think about it
  11. Indeed they were. It had 466A to the rear, and 467 A on the front
  12. That's pretty neat, looks like it has big ol third div insignia underneath the crosses
  13. I had a Schlueter that had two different lot numbers. On in the front, and one in the rear. I had posted about it here some time ago. It has since found a new home
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