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  1. Absolutely. The current seller thus far is pretty transparent on his, but he surely isn't the only one that will be able to pull off this technique.
  2. me too, my heart kinda skipped a beat when i initially saw the price, and first glance how good it looked
  3. Figured I might as well post a pic of mine here to add to the database
  4. thanks for the info brother, it really helped point me in the right direction
  5. iI dont believe so, as this one has a follow me bar, and a more american sounding name
  6. i feel people might be convinced unfortunately at the sight of a hawley liner in it. being paired with a high dollar liner may sway people to suspend their disbelief
  7. haven't seen these markings in here, so i'd figure i'd share. if anyone has any info on them, it would be much appreciated. having a hard time tracking them down
  8. I like how this guy in every single listing of his tries to substantiate his helmets buy adding actual combat photos, or similar helmets in use. It's almost as if to say, "yep, that's his helmet", with the price tag to match
  9. Me personally as a younger collector, I don't think I will ever trust an airborne lid
  10. I got this liner within the past couple months, don't really know what it can be attributed to, but I loved the artwork. The liner itself is an early capac, and I paired it with a fixed bail schluter with od7 straps for the photo
  11. i like it. i was thinking of doing the same with a liner-less brit fruit bowl i have
  12. The dimples from welds where the bales are suggest that it was likely manufactured as a fixed bail, which was later refitted, and refinished as a swivel bail. I've owned several that had gone under the process, and was pretty conmon
  13. I won't be surprised if the winner is a non payer.
  14. I'm thinking a navy lieutenant. If it is navy, CF is the combat firecontrol division (weapon systems). It's what I work for. Why it would be yellow is beyond me though, maybe specific to the high explosive ordnance
  15. The original tied net with wire is just tops for me
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