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  1. Here's another certificate and citation, it sold in 2014.
  2. Just when you think you've done research on the award...I discovered the OMSA Monograph on the medal. I just ordered one. That will solve the number of them awarded.
  3. I don't know how the forum software will treat this image with it's automatic compression, but it's a closeup of the handwriting on the certificate. Really beautiful.
  4. What's interesting is that Linus Pauling's certificate doesn't refer to him as a "DR" though he earned a PhD in 1925 (and had 47 honorary doctorates...) I think whoever created the certificates did an incredible job of matching the pre-printed font on the certificate with the hand-written name and dates. Also interesting to note that the wording on the certificate indicates that this medal was a direct descendant of Washington's Medal of Merit...similar wording as for the Purple Heart.
  5. Here are a couple of shots from Nobel Prize (2x times) recipient Linus Pauling's awards:
  6. It's interesting that they say 401 awards were made. I got the 145 number from Ron Fischer's article in The Medal Collector: http://themedalcollector.com/uploads/THE_PRESIDENTIAL_MEDAL_OF_FREEDOM.pdf Here are screenshots of the Shafran Collectible's listing:
  7. Coincidentally, this one came from Jeff. When I saw him offering it, I jumped on it as I knew I'd never see another "in the wild". At the time, I had no idea of the historical importance of the recipient...as well as the other documents that came with the group that really make it one of a kind.
  8. And finally, his Medal of Merit. Thank you for reading through this thread and remembering the contributions of this great man!
  9. And General Spaatz' remarks at the presentation...
  10. The award was presented by General Spaatz. In Durand's biography, this is the only decoration he mentions - he was by far most proud of this award.
  11. The citation, signed by Harry Truman, for the award...
  12. With that introduction...what you came here for... Here is his certificate for the Medal of Merit. Before I bought this, I had never seen one before. With only 145 total awards, these rank as one of the rarest medals of the United States.
  13. Following his death, he was on the cover of the Naval Academy Alumni Association's Shipmate magazine...
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