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  1. Hi Dirk, Thanks for the additional photos! The info and photos have made the recovery of this artifact much more complete! Helping to keeping Charley Parce's memory alive! I don't think I ever posted the front of the medal before, here it is. Not bad after being in the ground for 100+ years.
  2. UPDATE: The site of this discovery has since been completely bulldozed and leveled. They started this past Autumn and literally took the hills right out of the landscape. The site overlooks the Potomac River near Dumfries, Virginia and is just a mile in a straight line from the current Quantico Marine Corps base. It's a real shame. This site has literally remained undisturbed since... well, since time began. Its been totally abandoned from any kind of use since the early 1900's. But it is all gone now. So many artifacts recovered, so many lost. I am glad I was able to retrieve
  3. Thank you folks for the info! I could never tell for sure if the last name was Parge or Parce, as the "C" was slightly disputable but now I see it is Parce for sure. I dug this medal in 2014... but after having watched "They Shall Not grow Old" I decided I shouldn't put off doing the research on this soldier any longer. I found this GCM while metal detecting an old house site along the Potomac River that is not even 2 miles from the Quantico Marine base here in Northern Virginia. Until just a few years ago, this area was a huge expanse of undeveloped wooded land. I suspected that this Mari
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I excavated a very nice Good Conduct Medal recently with a 1st enlistment date of 1912 engraved. The medal number is also engraved above the name as well. How can I go about finding documentation of this soldier based on the medal number and/or the recipients name and 1st enlistment date? Thank you! Steve
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