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    I have been collecting US Constabulary, 15th Cavalry Regiment and Group, including the 15th and 17th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons, for over 40 years. I am looking for items related to these units as well as some select other items.
  1. Great display and idea! Only thing that jumped out at me was the 2nd and 3rd photos (from left), they look like USAF officer hat badges but the pics are of Army medical corps which would make them gold. Otherwise you did a great job and nice tribute to your family
  2. Hello: I need help in finding an original 740th TB patch with attached German made bevo tab. I am hoping to possibly trade or purchase. If you have one please PM me. Thanks,
  3. Does anyone have any decent photos of the new Army General Officer pistols and holsters? If you do, can you post? Is there anything GO specific about the new pistols? Thanks.
  4. A few 17th Cavalry Squadron bullet style bullions
  5. 17th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 1945-46 era.
  6. 15th Cavalry Squadron/Group 1945-46 era
  7. There is nothing like these finds in NJ good will shops!
  8. Neat! Never saw a subdued one before
  9. Hello all: I know these are post war occupation era but does anyone know if they are 1945/1946 era or later? Thanks!
  10. Some 17th Cavalry Recon. Squadron.. Don't b e fooled by the bullet shaped patch, its the 17th Cavalry not the 15th Cavalry
  11. Here are some 15th Cavalry Variations... Top right is French made
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