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  1. Hello folks, I am seeking opinions as to the vintage of this utility cap. All help is greatly appreciated. The bill is stiffened with cardboard, and there are two cardboard pieces in the front center that straighten the front. Thanks in advance! Calvin
  2. Folks, It has been a while since I have found anything post-worthy, but I am certainly pleased with this recent acquisition. Grouping includes the following: Numerous ribbon bars Wings Dogtags Document for the Distinguished Flying Cross Helldiver art Period photo of the pilot in plane Photo from 1960s showing ribbons My initial quick Google search didn't provide any info. any with research would be greatly appreciated! Calvin
  3. Well, I have decided to part with this jacket. Anyone have a good idea of a reasonable asking price?
  4. A couple of photos of the reverse of this pair.
  5. Hi Allen, Interesting...he went through jump school in the early 1950s.
  6. I was pleased to recently acquire these two nice wings from a local estate. Both are sterling. Note the wear to the senior parachutist wing. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.
  7. Folks, I acquired this numbered award locally just today, and I am seeking assistance in researching the number found along the edge. The numbering reads "No. 18653". Thanks in advance! Calvin
  8. Very nice! I have the same ‘FIRST TEAM’ folder as part of a 1st Cav document grouping.
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