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  1. Hi All, I live in Cretteville, Normandy near Carentan. My Farm was used by Div. Artillery, 90th Inf. Div. When I moved in I found a lot of old ammunition crates. Can anyone please confirm if they are WWII or Post WWII and are they American? Kind Regards Allan
  2. Hi All, The following was taken from an aircraft, which came down in the Villers-Bocage area, summer of 1944. Spent the rest of it's time in a barn. Parts are missing (shame) and nothing moves at all. However, it is still in really great condition for a barn relic. Cheers Allan
  3. Hi Mate, Nice to see "part" of your awesome collection online at last. Cheers Allan
  4. Hi, "Are you interested in selling any of those items Allan B?". I suppose everything has a price. Regards Allan
  5. Hi All, Thank you for the comments. Other poignant reminders from Omaha. Regards Allan
  6. Hi All, The above came from OMAHA. It is half of the bottom of a 105 shell (Other half blown off). The inscription reads "D-DAY JUNE 6 1944 AFRIC" (That's all I can make out). Inserted into the top is a 1939 Italian coin. Found up on the bluff in the 1st Inf. Div. sector. regards Allan
  7. Hi Dustin & Dave, I have looked through Spearheading D-Day and can't find the one I have. Any ideas where to look please? Cheers Allan
  8. Hi Dustin, Thank you for your comments. I am putting together mannequins for a small museum in Normandy. Would you please be able to send me a known good D Day image of my type of kapok being worn? The kapok will be displayed as shown, so if the image could be as close to the display as possible and I will enlarge the image and put it along side the mannequin. Thank you in advance. Cheers Allan allan@bryson152.fsnet.co.uk
  9. If they are the early cots with the white straps, then buy a few and sell them on ebay. Cheers Allan
  10. Please find images below of the two common explosive devices used by paratroopers in Normandy. Cheers Allan MkI Hawkins Mine
  11. Below is an image of a folding bed/cot strap. You can see the teeth in the buckle, which would hold the strap firmly on the leg. The small hole in the strap, is where the stud was removed, which held the strap onto the bed/cot. Cheers Allan
  12. When the 82nd and 101st were leaving their marshalling areas prior to Normandy, most had not been issued with the commonly described " Airborne Leg Straps". This type of strap also tended to work lose. The paratroopers found a much better option attached to their beds/cots, in the form of two white straps. They are seen in many Normandy photos. These white straps have now all, but dissappeared. They are a vital part for a Normandy mannequin display. All you now see on ebay and at fairs are beds/cots, with the straps removed. I was in the DMC Museum in Normandy last week. Last summe
  13. Hi, Really nice collection!!!!! Cheers Allan
  14. Hi Ben I have seen them before and really enjoy seeing them again. Ben you find some fantastic things. Thank you for taking me around last year. How is fatherhood????? I should have moved to Normandy in the next few weeks. Drop me a line, but mark the email Normandy, so I will pick it up. Cheers Allan allan@bryson152.fsnet.co.uk
  15. Hi Yannick You just continue to amaze me. What fantastic finds!!! Thank you for sharing them with us. Cheers Allan
  16. Hi Allan, As always, beautiful stuff!!!!! That camera of yours never works hard enough to bring us the fantastic stuff, which must be lurking in your basement..... More please. Cheers Allan
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