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  1. This medal was in a WW II Veterans items. He was in the 2nd Armored Div.Trying to help this son. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Milton Davis
  2. Does anyone know the date the Marine Corps and Navy stopped using wide ribbons? Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you, I thought they were not right. I guess this is one of them mysteries I will never know the answer to. Tale care Milton
  4. This picture shows a WW II Army uniform with what I think is WW I overseas bars and a WW I Enlistment Stripe. The uniform is named Willard Sherman, born in 1915, Service in WW II. Any ideas? Could it be a per WW II in enlistment? Any help would me greatly appreciated. Thank you Milton
  5. I got WW II Army and Navy and One Marine from Korean War, Thanks for info Milton
  6. WW II and Korean War some Army and Navy and one Marine, Thanks
  7. Can any one tell me how to find information on retired officers? I have a lot of named officers uniforms but can find any information about service. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I just got around 250 uniforms from a museum in Fl, half are named, they had no room to display them. Milton
  9. Why does photo show him with two Purple Hearts and staff sergeant strips when he was Second Lt. when he got second Purple Hearts?
  10. Hi to everyone. I collect all US Military memorabilia from 1900 to present. I started collecting in 1954, I was in the fourth grade. Learning every day, trying to start a museum. Look forward to taking to you all and sharing this great hobby. Milton ( Moose) Davis
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