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  1. I've seen some great little archival shadow box shelf displays for toys. Those sure would look great on the wall somewhere with the article... Wonderful quality and condition.
  2. That is a great photo mcmike. I have not seen that or anything like it before. Love 'quality control' looking it over in the middle. Wonder if it passed?
  3. That is super! Looks like a camo parachute shroud tablecloth in the newspaper photo. Is that still around? Great souvenir.
  4. I think there is probably a little something more to that particular tape layout in some cases. I am pretty sure the photo from Iwo I posted was of 28th Marines. In that specific case too many of them have it to not be coordinated. Here seems to be a different situation, and pre 5th MarDiv. I would have guessed the mystery line was a guy wire, but there is no other evidence of overheaded comm lines so I don't know. Great assortment of covers.. Camo, Camo Mosquito Net version, that Chia Pet thing and that patched one. The guy at left has the tape hanging from the leather pouch tha
  5. ...slowing down myself, James Michener Tales of the South Pacific
  6. I would slow down a little on that. I think it is likely an 'authentic fake flag', and may indeed be an original wartime part of the group you purchased. There is a lot of contemporary evidence for fakery in the services in theater during the war. Witness the Leatherneck cover. James Michener himself wrote about the Seabees fabricating things in his South Sea Tales. Flags were very highly coveted and while not uncommon, not anywhere equal to the demand. The quality of the writing on your flag suggests something more than just imitation, and perhaps a few Marine Japanese language
  7. Nice group! Hope you are able to find out something about Brooks- My first impression of the flag was similar to Eric Queen's. The writing is very consistent for what should be many different hands, suggesting this might be an in-theater counterfeit; an authentic flag with fake inscriptions. If this is the case, I would not despair, as it is clearly from the war and seems to have provenance, and as such would actually probably be rarer than an actual Yosegaki Hinomaru, as strange as that may seem. The other items are unquestionable and may be the only physical evidence of that man
  8. The one on the left with the game animal silhouettes hidden in the pattern was commercially available in sporting good stores at least as far back as the 1980's.
  9. I wonder if that might not be something just beyond his helmet perhaps held by him or the other Marine. Would be helpful to see the rest of the photograph. You are probably all familiar with this picture from IWO JIMA: Amphibious Epic by Bartley. I always assumed taping the cover that way was a specific unit's improvised field ID/signature but have never seen it specifically documented. Does anyone know?
  10. Congratulations on a nice uniform. The following details the circumstances and action in which your Marine was likely wounded. It is excerpted from my own work in progress supplemeted with relevant day of the official report: "Breakout from NAFUTAN – 26- 27 June While occupying positions near Aslito Airfield, the 14th Marines were frequently engaged by groups of Japanese soldiers coming up from Nafutan Peninsula to the south. This often happened at night. Nafutan was supposed to be ‘closed off’ by elements of the U.S. Army’s 27th Division, but insufficient manpower, d
  11. To correct the record on this blue grenade, a more careful in-hand inspection shows the base hole to be threaded. The old plug must have rotted out with the remnants mostly obscuring the threads. It is definitely threaded though.
  12. Go to WWII War Diaries, then search Saipan, then add 14th Marines as a filter. you can pick any page of 'MAR 4TH DIV' that comes up and make your way to page number 240. That is where the 14th Marines section of the 4th Marine Division Operations Report - Saipan starts. Good Luck! That together with the USMC Saipan monograph gives a pretty full picture. Same goes for Iwo. Did you pull his file? How did you know about Signal School, Tanks, and 'CP'? If you have it you can also check the transports he was on and read the individual ship's War Diaries if interested.
  13. As you can see from the map Regimental HQ was set up pretty close to 2nd, 4th, and 5th Battalions for the first few days on Saipan when things were pretty bad so any account from someone in those battalions would be generally relevant. 1st and 3rd were south near Agingan Point in an area that was somewhat less difficult. Regimental would have had several radio operators to communicate with the battalions and Division etc., and to coordinate with the Navy and Army as well. (The report says that the command post initially had two radio jeeps in the trenches which might be specifically releva
  14. From A Brief History of the 14th Marines regarding D-Day Saipan: "The regimental command group under Lieutenant Randall Victory, landed at Blue Beach 2 at about 1300. It established a command post in an abandoned trenchline located in a small grove of trees about 500 yards inland. While the position offered relative safety, the Marines killed two snipers within 40 yards of the command post. In spite of the hardships and confusion on the beach, the 14th Marines had all of its batteries ashore and firing before dark."
  15. YOU ARE CORRECT!!! My apologies! in my excitement I neglected to check the chart. I should know better than to try to do UNIS from memory...
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