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  1. Hopefully I can help with the straps. Or at least I hope to be able to in the near future. I have found a large sheet of the appropriate thickness rubber. The only issue is that it is not the correct shade of OD green. It's a lot lighter. From what I am finding it is not possible to dye the rubber a darker shade because it is silicon based. I am trying to find a manufacturer that produces rubber in the correct color but this is turning out to be a rather difficult challenge. Does anyone know exactly what type of rubber these masks were made of? I assume they were probably neoprene rubber? If I can make this happen I will gladly provide the material source.
  2. I appreciate the add, Im an avid US WW2 collector and has-been reenactor from SC. Im trying to get back into reenacting but collecting has always been my passion. I have some interesting things to share and I look forward to working with you all. Thanks again
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