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    WW2 Leather Flying unit patch artist and researcher of same, emblems/variations, see my Facebook page about photo of my work of leather patches,
    WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches

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  1. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch work, 328th Bombardment Squadron , a B-24 Liberator unit, enjoy
  2. Here's two shoulder Leather patches I did of the 8th AAF with "detailed" wings etc, these went to a woman who's Father was in the 303rd Bombardment Group and will be ordering the Squadron's patches soon, enjoy
  3. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch works, 510th Fighter Bomber Squadron (left) and the 534th Bombardment Squadron, enjoy
  4. Here's another of my latest leather jacket patch works, 545th Bombardment Squadron, this one went to a veterans relative, enjoy :)
  5. Here's my latest leather jacket patch orks, a 3rd Pursuit Squadron AVG "Hells Angels" and 5 - 559th Bombardment Squadron a B-26 Marauder unit, these 5 went to relatives of a unit member, enjoy
  6. Well much thanks Girl, get going on your patch/es your work is good and I'm sure other would enjoy seeing it too, all the best Johnny
  7. Thanks much to all who replied and enjoy my work, your compliments are very much appreciated
  8. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch works, WW-2 B-24 unit, 484th Bombardment Group & 827th Bombardment Squadron, the Group was known as the "Bowtie" Groupp via their tail emblem design , these went to a man in Belgium , enjoy
  9. Not sure if it was someone of this forum , but I found ID to emblem , in the book on page 12 bottom right in image, sorry I can't load image from book , but ID is RCAF 73rd Flying Training Squadron , slight variation as to added motto and bomb color .........
  10. I have that one ID'd as the AAF Twin Engine Training School at Pecos ,Texas Field , they flew UC-78's
  11. I have had this image also for quite some time and have yet to find an ID to it , AAuughhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks much Old Crow and enjoy the read, small world sometimes on how things go like that Johnny
  13. Here's another of my leather patch works, 303rd Bombardment Group, enjoy :)
  14. Thanks much Mike, been at it on/off 30+ years now and still enjoy making them
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