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    WW2 Leather Flying unit patch artist and researcher of same, emblems/variations, see my Facebook page about photo of my work of leather patches,
    WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches

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  1. My latest Leather jacket patch order, 375th Bombardment Squadron, a B-24 Liberator unit, enjoy :)
  2. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch work, 34th Bombardment Squadron, of the famed "Doolittle Raid" , enjoy :)
  3. That is the 368th Bombardment Squadron
  4. Here's two of my latest leather patches I've made, 94th Pursuit Squadron and a USS Kete , enjoy :)
  5. Here's a patch I recently made for a collector , WW2 era USS Baya SS-318 , enjoy :)
  6. Here's a Leather jacket patch I made of the WW-1 era emblem used by the unit ,went to a man in Belgium, enjoy
  7. Here's a couple of Pre WW2 era Leather jacket patches I made , 430th Pursuit Squadron Missouri Guard and a couple of related unit images , enjoy
  8. Here's a 534th Bombardment Squadron leather jacket patch I recently made, finally got to the customer in Belgium, enjoy
  9. Here's a Leather patch I made of the WW2 era India China Wing Air Transport Command, enjoy
  10. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch work, 328th Bombardment Squadron , a B-24 Liberator unit, enjoy
  11. Here's two shoulder Leather patches I did of the 8th AAF with "detailed" wings etc, these went to a woman who's Father was in the 303rd Bombardment Group and will be ordering the Squadron's patches soon, enjoy
  12. Here's my latest Leather jacket patch works, 510th Fighter Bomber Squadron (left) and the 534th Bombardment Squadron, enjoy
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