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  1. I believe his left arm may be amputated as there is a slit in the uniform & and object protruding from the sleeve.
  2. Did the best I could based on the descriptions provided (thanks again to those that helped) Upon closer examination it appears the left arm may be at least partially amputated. There is something protruding from the left lower uniform sleeve.
  3. The coat would be Olive Drab then? Also looking for color on Stripes. Thanks for info on coat type!
  4. Looking for info or a sample of what/when this uniform is.
  5. I am not a military uniform expert (hence the post) but I can tell, some things from B&W photos. This is almost certainly a gray uniform.. The buttons can not be a dark color (black) they are either gold or silver.. The shoulder boards are either Navy Blue or Black. The buttons & the boards are really what have me stumped. I appreciate all the responses. I can go into my original colorized photo & make any correction if we can determine exactly what they should be. Also the uniform shirt under the jacket what color would it have been? Khaki?
  6. I believe JFK is wearing the gray here.. I colorize B&W photos & did this one up.
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