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  1. Hello, I have no clue what this is. Any help would be great. Thanks!!
  2. This also came with an allied forces sports council badge which was only in existence from 1946 to 47 as well as some typical early occupation patches. Perhaps this patch also dates from that period
  3. I posted this in another section of this forum, but am still looking for information on it. Does anyone know what years it was used, how long, and/or how many people would have worn this? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. Ok thanks Gil. I swear Ive got some some 1990s-2000s Thai patches that look they were made the same as the Vietnam war era. Of course Ive already forgot that was at least 20 years ago!
  5. Bob, when do you think this made? I dont think Thailand has changed their manufacturing process very much since the war?
  6. What is the going rate for these? I have one that I may be interested in selling, but am having a very hard time finding any that have sold in the past. Thanks!
  7. Lookey Here. Way to steal pics. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vietnam-War-EARTH-ANGEL-PP-Bullion-Excellent-Condition-Ultra-Rare/283646181476?hash=item420aa14064:g:MoAAAOSwijBdqGlW
  8. My fault! At first glance I thought it was one of those fakes with fine mesh that are stained that started coming out about 8 years ago. Now that I look closer its just the quality of the picture. If its the same as in the other post its a great one. Apologies!
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