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  1. Continued unable to post current pictures due to size of the photo.
  2. Bernard Alexander Zents Bernard would be born on July 17, 1926, in Akron, Ohio. Growing up he would attend Staunton Military Academy. This is where this exact uniform would come from. Once at the age of 18 he would enlist into the United States Marine Corps in 1944. He would be sent to Parris Island for boot camp and training. After training, he would be attached to the 7th Marines 1st Marine Division. Once attached he would find himself sailing across the world to fight the Japanese on an island called Okinawa. He would participate in the battle until he was wounded and relieved of duty.
  3. Here we have a 2nd pattern canteen cover belonging to John Frank Wojs. This canteen would have been issued to him while in service. Before the war began in Europe Johns parents would come to the United States of America from Poland. They would move to Cleveland, Ohio which where John would grow up. Before the war John would be what people called a Tree Surgeon. They would preserve diseased & decaying trees, pruned tree, sprayed trees, and also removed and treat rotted areas. Once the war would start he would enlist into the United States Marine Corps. He would be sent off to Camp
  4. This specific canteen cover belonged to a gentleman named Samuel Joseph Zuccone. Before the war would start in Europe Sams parents would move to Youngstown, Ohio from Italy. Here in Youngstown, Ohio Mr. Zuccone will grow up and become a salesman before the war. On December 18th 1941 shortly after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he and most of Americans would enlist to serve their country! Sam would enlist in the United States Marine Corps to take the fight to the Japanese. Once enlisted he would be sent off to Parris Island, South Carolina. He would go through basic training to become a
  5. Earl Edward Krass DOB: July 24th, 1914 DOD: March 21, 1994 Mr. Krass would be born in 1914 in Hamilton, Ohio. In January of 1942 shortly after Pearl Harbor he would take the fight to the Japanese. He would join Company "F", Second Battalion, Twenty Second Marines, 1St Provisional Marine Brigade. He would participate in the battles of Eniwetok, Guam, and Okinawa. In 1946 he would be honorably discharged and continue his life in Hamilton, Ohio until he was laid to rest in 1994 With the National Archives being shut down due to the COVID-19 we are not able to get more information and
  6. For the past 2 years I have collected USMC uniforms. I collected from all different units, divisions, and companies. Now I have changed my focus to strictly WWII items and uniforms dedicated to Ohio personnel only. I am happy to starting what I have this far. Donald Gene Parlette Ser. # 851138 DOB: April 7th, 1925 Birthplace: Lima, Ohio Enlisted: April 23rd, 1943 Discharged: April 13th, 1946 Before the war Donald would work part-time as a bookkeeper and go to Central H. S. In Columbus, Ohio. Shortly after he turned 18 years of age he would join the United States Marine Corps.
  7. I emailed the family two days ago and received an email earlier this afternoon. My apologies to the collecting community I was not aware of the patch being added on the raider uniform.
  8. Hello, everyone I am the seller of the item. I will black light the patch on the uniform and see what it does. I am not trying to screw anyone over I received the item with the patch from the family. I am still in contact with the family so I am seeing if they added the patch at anytime before me contacting them or them giving me the item.
  9. What was his full name? Or do you have a picture of the stamping?
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