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    I would like to start a Navy Armed Guard collection. Seeking authentic patches, etc.
  1. Hi Everyone, I came across these craigslist postings and was looking for a little info. The first has a picture of Hitler and Himmler, and I believe, a young Goring. I was wondering if any of you have seen them before. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/clt/d/hanson-ww2-german-photos-in-frame/6786209761.html The second (same owner) has a German medal I'd like identified. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/clt/d/sandwich-vintage-ww2-german-merit-medal/6793996327.html Also, do the prices seem fair? Thanks!
  2. I'd like to come across one of those in good condition! I put them on Ebay for 7 bucks + shipping. I don't know what to do with them.
  3. There is a state park in S.E. Massachusetts that used to be the site of a Navy Ammo Depot (Hingham). Every now and then I take my metal detector up there. Haven't found anything to get that excited about yet. I did find a lead ball and a cool whiskey bottle from the '40's. The other day I found 10 of these oil drum caps all buried together. At least I think that's what they are.
  4. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen an authentic Navy Armed Guard Patch. I found on ebay a patch that looks as if it's modeled after one that Armed Guardsmen may have worn. Thing is, it has "Veteran" embroidered on it, which suggests it was made post-war. Vintage World War II US Navy Armed Guard Veterans Patch badge pin ww2 usn | eBay They also have brand new ones: US NAVY ARMED GUARD PIN | eBay Obviously replicated, but do any authentic Navy Armed Guard Patches exist? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Dave, I'd be willing to bet they went back to my grandmother. That particular print is probably lost. I'll be grateful for those I have and look forward to any info the National Archives provides. I have ordered his OMPF, Would his boot camp pic be likely included? Steve
  6. One more question, on the topic of still photos. What I am also hoping to attain a scan of this photo. It was published in the Boston Herald, 1944 (post #7 above). Question is, could this have been taken at boot camp? He first went to NTS Great Lakes. Really hoping they have this. Thanks for everything, guys!
  7. It's too bad they don't have a more user-friendly site. I ended up sending an email containing the key points aerialbridge suggested. I'll just practice a little patience (a virtue I have unsuccessfully develop lo, these many years!) and hope for something good.
  8. Nice town. Sorry about your friend.
  9. Kurt, Thank you for this. I had no idea they were so scarce.I real treasure in so many ways. Happy to share them! Stephen
  10. Thank you! Could you give me a link or website? Stephen
  11. Thanks, everyone. I live just South of Boston, right on a peninsula called Hull. Heard of it? My grandfather grew up in Quincy, 20 minutes away. Great to be here!
  12. Thank you, Just imagine the number of awards that did get buried...but a D-Day KIA PH! Wow. It's been a pleasure sharing them. Stephen
  13. My sentiments exactly! Thanks for your kind words. Stephen
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