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Joe Visor

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    US cap insignia, all branches and time periods. Especially insterested in unusual makers, variations and theater made insignia.

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  1. Rich, Here is a link to a great article Ian Watts wrote on US Naval Technician's history and insignia. https://ianewatts.org/blog/2009/12/06/u-s-navy-technician/ Joe
  2. Great eagle. I have it in bullion silver and an unusual combination of silver eagle and gold anchors. Have no idea what the significance of this would be, could simply been a mistake on Vanguard's part when assembling the eagle!?! Do you still have this eagle?
  3. Great score! As I said on FB, a super hard eagle to find!! Would be interested in it if you ever decide to part with it. Attaching photos of my USC&GS items (No overseas cap eagle, LOL)
  4. Would say in is 1900-1920's era eagle. Really a great looking eagle. The closest I have seen to this type of construction is the full size Tiffany Naval Officer's eagle I have in my collection, made circa 1925. Would interested if you ever decide to part with it.
  5. Here is the cap device for the Bainbridge school.
  6. Dave, Yes I did go back and re-read the whole thread! Was a bit confusing. I own one (Pretty much identical to all the ones photographed in the thread) and have no questions about it, but I have been fooled before. Would be great to find date on when the HH eagle and Viking markings started being applied. Ian Watts also has one with some great research on his web page ianewatts.org
  7. Just wondering what other information/facts/proof there is to the statement that the eagle in post #12 is a reproduction. Just like to know, the statement that a unknown dealer from 15 years go said so isnt the best confirmation of authenticity.
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