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  1. Hi again, Kevin, Just wanted to follow up. I e-maailed the SUVCW Quartermaster and he told me there is no miniature for the War Medal. FYI... Best regards, Joe
  2. Hi Kevin, Thank you for responding! I noticed that there are miniature medals for almost every other version, including the Member Badge and Military Service Badge, but not the War Badge. If I learn anything, I'll let you know. Again, thank you! Joe
  3. Hi Kevin, Would you know if there is a miniature version of the SUVCW War Medal? I haven't seen one, so I'm just curious. Thank you! Joe
  4. Yes, that's all they sent me (it was some time ago, so maybe there were a few other papers included, but I don't remember any). I had trouble locating a couple of Bong's citations, too, even though his records are there. Fortunately, I was in close contact with his brother, Carl, and his widow, so I was able to get what I needed. There are a couple of other PEP files that only have Statements of Service. Off hand, Maynard Smith and Donald Pucket come to mind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for McGuire's missing citations! I'll keep you posted. Joe
  5. Hi Kurt, I will contact him to find out precisely what places he did check. I believe the National Archives and Maxwell were on his list, but now I'm wondering. I'll follow up with a post when I find out. Thank you! Joe
  6. Hi RIs25, Thank you for your response! I ordered McGuire's PEP file sometime back, but all they had was his Statement of Service. That provided his Medal of Honor citation and the General Orders numbers, but that's about it. My researcher found more, to include a few of his DFC citations and Air Medal citations, but there's still an enormous gap. If I come across a venue that has his Silver Star citations, I will let you know. You'd really think that someone of his stature in aviation history would have his citations easily locatable. Thank you again, Joe
  7. Hi Dave, I employed the services of Golden Arrow Research, which helped me with quite a few General Orders in the past, and I believe they discovered the few I did receive from the National Archives. I even wrote to the fighter group organization for assistance (no response), and the author of McGuire's bio (no luck). With McGuire being as popular as he was, historically and with many aviation enthusiast, I would think that someone somewhere would have copies of these General Orders or the actual citations. I do have a document from the 431st Fighter Squadron, which was classifie
  8. Hi. I am conducting research on Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr., the Air Force Medal of Honor recipient and America’s second-ranking ace. More specifically, I am searching for his official citations for the decorations he received during World War II. I have located some of them, but cannot located General Orders for the citations below, even after hiring a professional researcher. I have tried the National Personnel Records Center, but his records were destroyed in the 1973 fire, and the researcher I hired discovered a few citations, but not many. Any help or guidance would be very muc
  9. Hi Brian, The 89th Division was just getting shotguns into their inventory around the time the St. Mihiel Offensive began. The 89th was known as the fighting farmers and most troops were very familiar with them. The Germans were terrified of them and said they would execute any soldier caught using one. I'm not sure if other units used shotguns during the war, but I imagine they did. Thank you for the kind words and I appreciate your interest in Charlie! Joe
  10. That was my first thought when I learned he earned 10 Purple Hearts! I'll tell you, trying to verify something that didn't exist was rough and it dispels a myth that has been circulating for years. Talking to my Cousin Joe, we have no idea who started the rumor, but it amazes me how a story gets out of control! Several books, magazines and newspaper articles printed this information and no one took the time to question or verify it. Well, I didn't question it for some time, so I guess I didn't help, either. But this list IS accurate. Charlie was a great hero and no one needed to embellis
  11. Expert Rifleman Badge Qualification Dates: Ø May 1918, Camp Funston, Kansas Ø Jan 1921, Camp Pike, Arkansas Authority: Small Arms Firing Manual, Section 246 Presentation: No formal presentation. Citation: Not applicable. Note: Although the Expert Rifleman Badge during World War I and up to July 1921 appears to be the Marine Corps version of the Expert Marksmanship Badge, they are different, i.e., the absence of shoulder slings on the Army version; the phrase, “Expert Rifleman”; and, the decorative ends on the suspension bar. During World War I, Regular Army troops r
  12. War with Germany Medal, WWI, Missouri Criteria for Award: For service in the Armed Forces of the United States during the war with Germany, 1917-1918. Authority: House Bill No. 349, 50th General Assembly of the State of Missouri, February 14, 1919. Presentation: No known formal presentation. Received in June 1919. Citation: In compliance with an Act of the General Assembly and on behalf of the State of Missouri, I have the honor to present you with this Medal which has been awarded you in recognition of your service as a citizen of this State in the armed forces of the Uni
  13. Croce Merito di Guerra, WWI, Italy Date and Place of Action: Near Bois de Bantheville, France, 31 October 1918 Authority: Given the Royal Decree 19 January 1918, No. 205, January 19, 1918, and by the Chief of Staff, Italian Army, on December 9, 1921. Order Number of the Register of concessions 89484. Presentation: Received via registered mail on February 9, 1922, Kansas City, Missouri. Citation: Royal Italian Army, The Minister of War, Given the Royal Decree 19 January 1918, No. 205, Determines and grants Charles D. Barger, private 1st Class, Co. L., 354th Infantry, 89th Divis
  14. Military Medal, Great Britain Date and Place of Action: Near Bois de Bantheville, France, 31 October 1918 Authority: British War Office Bulletin WO/338, 1919. Presentation: No formal presentation. Received via registered mail, winter 1919. Citation: The following are among the decorations and medals awarded by command of His Majesty the KING at various dates to subjects of Allied Powers for distinguished services rendered during the course of the campaign: -- To be awarded the Military Medal (M.M.). 2205271 Private, 1st Class, Charles D. Barger, “L” Company, 354th Regiment.
  15. Croix de Guerre with Bronze Palm, WWI, Belgium Date and Place of Action: Near Bois de Bantheville, France, 31 October 1918 Authority: Order number and date unknown. Presentation: King Albert of Belgium, St. Louis, MO, 21 Oct 1919. Citation: In honor of the rescue work performed on October 31, 1918.
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