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  1. I never would have thought to look at the bleed through on the lt bar! Thanks for the advice! quote name='Harlan' date='Aug 15 2012, 03:24 AM' post='1149648'] I would be concerned about it too, neilhg - It looks like he should have upgraded to the $2.99 Home Depot 'Rustoleum' Brand instead of the cheaper $1.99 Krylon 'Rattle Can' spray paint, and shaken the can some more to mix the paint up so it didn't spray too thin and wet that it bled under the masking tape edges he used to form the Lt. symbol. (JMO) Seriously, from what I've read, spray paint in cans was just barely being developed near the end of WWII and not much available - Most all authentic painted Lt. and Captain bars I've seen look to have been painted freehand with a brush - They may have used a stencil for the paint sometimes, but this example looks clearly like an example of thin, or excessive paint leaking under a poor masking tape edge. I probably wouldn't be as certain, but I now know about ALL the other fakes he's sold and has for sale. EVERYTHING he has for sale and sold is a "rare" one in ten thousand that he makes for $10 ans sells for $100 - It's funny, but most of his other helmets that he spends time and work humping up sell for $100, but a simple painted bar that he spent 15 minutes painting made him a $330 easy profit. (I bet we'll be seeing more 'Lt' helmets coming from him now!) Most problems have been (correctly, IMO) pointed out and discussed in this thread already, but I thought maybe we should preserve the original photos from this auction so that the thread can be useful and make sense down the road once the eBay auction is no longer viewable. I re-sized and cropped segments of his photos with Photoshop to focus on some of what's been covered in conversation from people I consider experts. (I hope this helps) This looks like an average liner interior to me - He states that he removed and replaced the sweatband because of it's poor condition - He doesn't specify if the replacement is correct. (It's still a replacement and doesn't match the wear of the rest of the liner) It's also missing the propper nape strap and chinstrap. He points out the dents in the helmet body - - "SHELL IS NICE BUT DOES HAVE A NEAT DENT ON THE UPPER LEFT SIDE" Personally, I don't think "Character Dents" and scrapes, etc are all that "NEAT" or add value to any helmet The outside of the liner is average at BEST - (It appears as if it may have had a heavier than usual painted surface, or layers of paint to me) Regardless, it's pretty banged up for a $350 helmet set. THIS (Below) is hard for me to figure, but I see it all of the time. t"""s with a nine bid history and waiting until the near end to substantially raise the final price could be many things, and just left to speculation...... Maybe some kind of shill and running the total up (?) Maybe just his curiosity getting the best of him, and he just can't resist trying to see what the highest bid is. Maybe just too many beers (?) On my own thoughts, these type of bidders drive me NUTS - Many bid small amounted over and over, running up the final price. I've seen some people bid $5.00 or less if possible at a time repeatedly as fast as the could in the final minutes, OR they wait until the final day and keep coming back to bid $5.00 at a time all day, as if they just have to pick away to see if they can find how much the high bidder set for his limit - (And it just runs up how much the high bidder has to pay!) "" ** This is why I stopped bidding on anything I really want until near the end of an auction. I don't try to squeeze in at the very last second to 'snipe' and win by a dollar - If I really want something, I'll bid a generous amount, up to the highest I would want to pay and leave it there. If I get outbid with 30 seconds left, then it's gone past my top price - It's nowhere as irritating than when I used to put in my top bid the day before the end, and then a [b]t"""s[/b] type bidder can't resist coming back to the auction every hour or so and inching up the bid a couple of dollars at a time - It's as if they think they'll find your top bid and then win by a dollar or something, but all they do is run up how much I had to pay and not get near my top bid. Sorry to get 'Off Track' with the t"""s bidder, but these guys are hard for me to figure. YES! I get a LOT about what kind of person you're really dealing with by reading the comments they leave in their feedback section! Cheap, hateful, remarks that often don't even make sense really turns me off. That Toolhaus.com site has saved me SO much time and quickly helped me find out about a seller's past in only a few seconds. I used to scan back over years trying to find the deals that went bad and try to see how they behaved, but this site does it for you and only brings up the bad things together so you can get a better picture. I communicated with the guy who runs the site a couple of years ago, and he seems like a nice and personable guy - I think he was from Sweden or Denmark or somewhere and he really tried hard to keep his service working - He told me that eBay doesn't like him showing seller's older BAD dealings, and they keep trying to block him but he still gets through eventually. Incredible, isn't it?!! -- Just look at the photos again and it doesn't look like something I'd pay $350 for - A worn, dented helmet body with a repro chinstrap, and a put-together, fair condition (at best) liner with mixed parts - It looks like THIS is the only thing setting it apart - Pity how it works these days, but it's a learning process from many levels.
  2. just for future reference what gives it away as a fake?
  3. Thank you so much I got outbid so I won't bid agian
  4. Ok thank you so much! What do you think of the "little white bar?"
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-U-S-FIXED-BAL...mp;cmd=ViewItem Hi I am the high bidder on this helmet then (of course after i bid) found some questionable feedback of the seller on this forum. Is the helmet okay? Thanks Neil
  6. Hi I just bought this watch then I realized (of course after the auction ended) that the band apears to be a twist-o-flex which i belive came out in 1959 is that what it is? And is this watch accurate for wwii? Thanks Hi i just bought this watch then I realized it has what i belive to be a twist o flex band which didnt come out till 1959. Is this a twist o flex ? is this accurate? http://www.ebay.com/itm/170870779399?ssPag...984.m1439.l2649
  7. I recently bought a set of repro p41s used in "the pacific" and the trousers fit fine around the waist but are very baggy in the waist. Was that the same way with the originals? Thanks pictures would be great!! Neil
  8. Hi I dont know if this is the right area to post this but I had a friend who passed away a few years back who landed on the 5th wave on Omaha beach. He told me he was an engineer I cant remember if he said he was an amphibious engineer or not. His name was John Westmorland I belive he was a m/sgt. His couison was Gerneral westmorland. when he died He was living in Oviedo Florida but I belive he was from north carolina during the war. What I was wondering is if anyone had any info as to if he was a member of the 20th engineers. Any info on him would be great!
  9. heres another one http://www.ebay.com/itm/NICE-EARLY-WW-2-US...=item256fff2335
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