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  1. Wow! super nice! great items in it! thanks for sharing. I always enjoy seeing footlocker displays. minor update to my footlocker. well, maybe not quite so minor... I had a large 5" x 7" repro Betty Grable photo in it but it seemed out of place but I finally got a vintage and appropriate size (3.5" x 5.5") Betty Grable post card also a matching Rita Hayworth to go with it. As said before, "buy the item not the story" I still enjoyed the seller's entry about these two items; " One of four postcards that my grandfather treasured during this service in the Army in the Pacific during WW
  2. added a very interesting little piece to my foot locker today. Scotch brand stamped metal tape dispenser. Scotch didn't start using the red/green plaid design in their marketing until late 1945 so this little blue/cream color dispenser is particularly hard to find. I wanted one because it is shown in a WWII army signal corps soldier's footlocker inspection photo. so naturally I was on the hunt! It came with what was left of a used postwar tin reel of tape (hence the red/green on that piece)
  3. whoa! very cool! yes, when I was finding items to throw in my foot locker a small tin of aspirin was on the list and I was so lucky to find one actually proven to be from a base during the war!
  4. the asprin tin is from Ft.Knox and dated 6/6/42!
  5. here is my footlocker. mine is USAAF specific as that is the scope of my collection. I spent time trying to find original items for it. still waiting on my NOS box of Molle' shave cream but got my Barbasol just recently. its a bit clumsy and cluttered but it was a lot of fun putting this together and going on the hunt for items for it! some items such as the soap and gum I have in plastic to protect them. probably should have removed them for these photos...
  6. fantastic displays! I have a few items I need to put into shadow box frames... yours inspire me to get on with it!
  7. great collection! nice presentation too!
  8. now THAT is a nice rare find! great condition and the original box as well! nice!
  9. Made a great and rare find/purchase today.. a pre 1938 Dr. West's Natural Bristle tooth brush still in the glass vial AND with the always missing plastic seal! Boar bristles were used until 1938, when nylon bristles were introduced by Dupont de Nemours. No wonder no one liked to brush... hog hair taken from the back of a hog's neck!
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