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  1. This is the latest addition to my collection. This is an original apron worn by Mrs. Della Napier Shatto. She volunteered at the Washington D.C. Canteen from 1943 to 1945. She died in 2009.
  2. ‘Behind The Rising Sun’. I couldn’t resist getting this poster. It reminded me of the magazines my cousins kept under their beds in the early 60s’ showing lurid illustrations of American nurses being abused by nazis’ and Japanese on the covers. Maltin gives the 1943 propaganda movie two and a half stars. I doubt that TCM will be showing it. Has anyone ever seen it? Tinman
  3. I hope no one minds me posting this. I believe it is Naval Aviation related. I acquired this badge some time ago because of the wing pattern. It’s 2” wide, quite heavy with green, white and black enamel. There are traces of gold wash on the wings. The center shield has Philadelphia beneath which is NFD. The back is marked Robbins Co. Attleboro in raised letters. I’m assuming it has something to do with Norfolk but otherwise I have no idea what it could have been used for. Any ideas?
  4. Hello all – I’m hoping that someone can provide some information. I’m trying to put together a collection of Bell pattern ‘Issue’ wings, both 3” and 2”. I have everything except the Service and Liaison. My question is do the 3” version of the Liaison and Service pilot wings even exist? I have searched far and wide and I have found nothing. - Jim
  5. Hi costa - Nice wing! The Juarez pattern is one of my favorites. The pin lock is a weak point on these wings as I've encountered many that are missing it. I would like to share my collection. The bomber comes in two versions, one has the bomb applied to an Observer wing and the other has a bulls-eye backing. I'm still looking for the applied letter Liaison and Service wings. - Tinman
  6. Sabrejet - Nice collection! I believe your badges and bars are US manufacture. mmerc20 recently sold a group of 10 British badges - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...howtopic=141518 (I'm not sure how to post links) which were snaped up quickly (unfortunately for me). The T'RET & SIGHT SP. is one of the more difficult to find. It, the RCT MECH GUNNER and the RC TURRET MECH were the last three bars issued. They were specifically issued to B-29 technicians.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, these badges were issued by the AAF and therefore lack any maker marks with the exception of GEMSCO, which did offer the badge for private purchase. The GEMSCO badges are quite rare and I don't have one. The issue badges are marked with either a raised or stamped STERLING. All of the badges I have encountered are pin-back. The bars are marked with either a raised or stamped STERLING or have no mark. I have never seen or heard of a bar that is maker marked. The British offered the badges and bars with the 'Stay-bright' finish. - Tinman
  8. USAAF Technician Qualification Badges have been an ongoing obsession of mine for nearly twenty years. At times I’ve lost hope of ever finding all 27 different bars and put them aside only to pull them back out and resume the hunt. I recently found the Parachute Rigger bar. I now lack only four bars. I’m throwing myself at the mercy of the forum to see if any member can help. I need the Bombsight Mech., Radio V-1 Mech., Radio V-1 Obs. And the RC Turret Mech. bars. If you have these or know of a source please let me know. I don’t expect them for free. Thanks - Tinman
  9. This is an original 7” x 9” photo and document put out by the Boeing Wichita Division around 1942. The photo shows various badges and two ID passes used or worn by Boeing and military personnel. The document explains the purpose and use for each ID or badge. I made some nice high quality copies of these for a couple of friends and I have quite a few extras. If you would like a copy contact me with your name and address and I’ll mail you a copy at no cost.
  10. I agree with every point made by Patrick. I think the wing is OK also. Jim
  11. Hi Jeff – In my very humble opinion, the two wings are very inexpensive repros. No WW2 U.S. maker that I know of made hollow back stamped wings. I’ve seen similar wings on Ebay for $9.99 (Buy It Now). Jim
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