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  1. hello, thanks for your help, regards, hughes
  2. Hi once again, I need your toughts on this jacket and patch what do you think about it regards, hughes
  3. thanks alot for your help regards, hughes
  4. hello what do you think about it ? except the " closing tab ", is it good for you and is it form ww2 or korea aera sorry for the quality of the fotos, but I only recieve these fotos thanks for your help hughes
  5. Hi I buy US patch " of the blow of heart " - " coup de coeur in french " - I buy this one last year because I find it really nice but I didn't identify it regards, hughes
  6. hello thanks a lot for all your times and informations regards, hughes
  7. thanks a lot for your help @+, hughes
  8. Hi I have this patch, I really like but I know nothing about it could tell me more thanks in advance for your help regards, hughes
  9. thanks to all for the link et the information regards, hughes
  10. hi I pick up this belt this morning I don't know this model, can you telle me more about it and his area regards hughes
  11. thanks a lot for your help regards, hughes
  12. Hello can you tell me more about this patch thanks for your help reagrds, hughes
  13. Hello can you help me, is it a fake or a good one is it vietnam area or later regards, hughes
  14. thanks to all for your time and thoughs @+, hughes
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