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  1. thanks alot for your help regards, hughes
  2. hello what do you think about it ? except the " closing tab ", is it good for you and is it form ww2 or korea aera sorry for the quality of the fotos, but I only recieve these fotos thanks for your help hughes
  3. Hi I buy US patch " of the blow of heart " - " coup de coeur in french " - I buy this one last year because I find it really nice but I didn't identify it regards, hughes
  4. hello thanks a lot for all your times and informations regards, hughes
  5. thanks a lot for your help @+, hughes
  6. Hi I have this patch, I really like but I know nothing about it could tell me more thanks in advance for your help regards, hughes
  7. thanks to all for the link et the information regards, hughes
  8. hi I pick up this belt this morning I don't know this model, can you telle me more about it and his area regards hughes
  9. thanks a lot for your help regards, hughes
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