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  1. Mikie, I would love to see the sprues before you start to build this.
  2. Excellent way to improve these horrible early Tamiya helmets, thanks for sharing! I will try this in the near future.
  3. Dennis, these crates are terrific, much more realistic than the resin ones. Well done!
  4. Excellent collection, I recall some of these insignia very well. I have an oversized cloth DUI (ca. 4 x 5 cm) in my possession. Do you know where and when it was made? I noted it once but lost the tag. Thanks for sharing your display!
  5. I can only second what Manny said. Terrific work so far.
  6. This gonna be a great project. Can´t wait to see it started.
  7. Yes, it´s the Ludendorff bridge and the Remagen St. Apollinaris church at the upper right corner of the picture. You have good eyes, Dennis!
  8. Manny the rounds & containers look excellent, well done!
  9. Good progress Manny! I bought the same ammo set once and must admit that this is a very good addition. Can´t wait to see the next steps. Lars
  10. Chris, what you have is a fantastic pre WW II Stein of 3. Kompanie (1st Batallion) Infanterie Regiment 26. IR 26 was garrisoned in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern German state. Depicted are the coat of arms of different SH counties like Schleswig, Neumuenster, Kiel, Dithmarschen. The depicted canal is the Kiel canal with the Rendsburg high bridge. "Ran an die Rampe" seem to be the company´s battle call. A real gem, thanks for sharing! Lars P.S.: And I recommend to post this Stein also in the TR Field & Personal Equipment section of our sister forum, the World
  11. Dennis, another top project! Love the dynamic of the mortar section in action. Everything is looking super realistic and your ammo boxes are top-notch. Lars
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