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  1. Super realistic, thanks very much for sharing this winter dio techniques here!
  2. Great progress, can´t wait to see this vignette finished.
  3. Good hint, I´ll consider that. Thank you all for your kind feedback!
  4. Not to forget those who engage with one of the Goliaths, covering it´s optic. ("team bucket").
  5. In case of the fail of the close combat teams, the Bazooka team.
  6. Close combat team #2 using a captured German magnetic hollow charge.
  7. Close combat team # 1 with blasting charge
  8. Attacking the beast from the rear:
  9. Thank you all for your input, I think I found something that will work! Meanwhile I finished the assembly of the (19!) figures. Once again the halfttrack team.
  10. Today I need your support regarding two questions. 1. Did the US Army use any magnetic anti tank mines during WW II in the ETO? I have found several mines online (including those Dennis is building his St. Vith vignette with) but still don´t know, if they are magnetic. 2. How did a blasting charge or it´s bag which was used by Infantry or Engineer units look like in WWII? Thanks for your help in advance!
  11. Great, another amazing model with excellent details! This painting was for sure a top morale booster for the crew. There were different variants of the tiger face existing, right? I think I have seen a picture of a tiger stripe face once.
  12. @mikie: They are already sold! As far as I remember the name of the buyer was "C. Norris". 😁 @Manny: Yes, I have thought about it. After some rehearsals I think I leave it without the T28. The additional tank would "overload" the dio and it would change the whole story ("Men vs. Machine") into "Machine vs. Machine". Thanks for your comments, guys!
  13. I always love to see your kitbashed figures before they are painted. Looking forward to the next steps. Keep up your amazing work!
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