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  1. After the ruins have been finished the final assembly of men & machines has begun.
  2. Hi Texengland and welcome to the modeling section! You built an excellent Panzer II, well done! As Manny said, we´d love to see more pics of your non-U.S. kits in our World Militaria Forum´s modeling section. And of course all of your U.S. military kits here! https://www.worldmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/598-modeling/
  3. Wow, I like the camo pattern very much! Sad to hear that the decals broke. Looking forward to see this excellent kit complete.
  4. Excellent WW I vignette, I like it very much!
  5. Manny, thank you for your kind words! The ruin on the right, now gutted.
  6. The detail and paintjob of this model is outstanding. Excellent!
  7. Stick the pieces of wire into the broken edge of the styro base. Then airbrush or paint the styro with light grey acrylics. Edges, holes and cracks are painted with darker grey color. Pieces of wire are painted with rust pigments or dark red color. Now let everything dry before weathering the concrete.
  8. Thanks very much, Manny! I built the small base for the bazooka team today. They take positions on a burst concrete wall. Building concrete wall rubble is very easy. All you need is a small piece of styro e.g. as base, plaster and some pieces of wire. First cover the styro with plaster.
  9. Thanks very much Kat! As I have wrote I bought the both ruins already built and painted. After regarding the last pics a second time I decided to go back a step with the ruins. They are looking way too monotonous. First they received a very thin light grey color wash. Before and after pictures of the front...
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