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  1. sprprops

    Minty M42!

    Interesting thing is one of my minty sigmund Eisner m42s also has the same #7 inspector markings on the inside pocket flaps and also inside both sleeves. My other m42 has the #44 in both sleeves.
  2. Good article on the field repair. https://www.worldwarmedia.com/2017/05/10/the-modified-m3-grease-gun-in-wwii/
  3. Pretty interesting studio portrait I found in a footlocker belonging to a WWII African American cook. Not sure why he has an M1942 jump jacket and no idea when or where this picture was taken but I know he spent the end of the war in Germany and Belgium.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not. But there has been a large influx of fake M1938 US Tanker helmets coming from Rome Italy. They are being sold by ebay user flender68 as real US helmets. They are some sort of vintage euro clone of the Rawlings design with the biggest difference being the snaps are way to big. He is now apparently adding fake US markings and the names of American dead tank crew members to help sell them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-M38-tank-crew-Helmet-/193022070218?hash=item2cf1030dca%3Ag%3ALJ0AAOSwSMZcyNFg&nma=true&si=wlBBbr0xL1p3YoDh60gufyODbl
  5. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.
  6. Same seller still using multiple accounts with abysmal feedback on all of them
  7. That is what is so bizarre, I bought one and saw he put up another the next day and decided to buy that one too and got that email. I bought them for myself not to sell. I guess he would rather just burn a customer right out of the gate, he didn't even mail them yet.
  8. I know a lot of people have been burned by Stan Wolcott and his fakes, but I personally hadn't had a bad deal with him until now. I bought two repro brassards from him and received this email. "Chris: That will have to be the last brassard you may purchase. I try to reach as many potential customers as possible by limiting one per customer. Please do not attempt to purchase any further brassards or you'll give me no alternative but to cancel the purchases you've already made. Thank you for your compliance with this request. Stan Wolcott" I guess my money just isn't good enough for
  9. I recently purchased some from jmurray and man the line and the jmurray ones are the best by A LOT.
  10. WPG has the best reproduction out there. ATF just sells the WPG helmets. That being said the WPG has some major drawbacks as they don't look really accurate, are goofy big, and are based entirely on the Rawlings pattern. They also use really cheap snaps. I was disappointed by what exists to buy so I ended up making my own based on the WILSON pattern and also for larger heads with US made mil-spec snaps.
  11. Josh did a quick comparison with his minty 2nd pattern Hawley and my garbage with his wonderful suspension. I can't thank him enough for making the parts he does.
  12. looks like bandoleer hbt suspension. Odd it never had a nape strap
  13. You can see a yellow square was painted first and then a very thin red was applied over top with a separate bird template/mask which is why the edges have the cracking too off the edge, but if this was the method I am not sure why the bird has red cracks.
  14. The M-1944s used in the movie are actually RAF contract Polaroids made in London.
  15. My favorite part is the accurate texture on the Tanker helmets
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