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  1. Great looking beercan for the USAF and Army units in Laos.
  2. Just to add to the orange suit discussion. I found this patch sewn to an orange suit.
  3. Here is a hospital record for him. I still can't tell his name, but it might be WRIGHT?
  4. I checked out the Kentucky Expo website this morning. They are open for business. Big Gun Show happening on Oct3-4. So, I guess that will be a good indicator on how things progress.. My only concern is one of their Covid guidelines discusses a 50% maximum permitted occupancy. I'm wondering if we can verify if the SOS will have this restriction?Thx
  5. He was mentioned in The Brooklyn Eagle and the NY Sun October 23-24. He was a Private, originally from Atri, Italy, and Wounds Undetermined (WU).
  6. Is it normal for a base unit to have it's own insignia? Was this post WWII? Thx S
  7. I was just thinking about the Feb 2021 SOS. Looks like it's still on schedule! Thanks for the update. Sean
  8. Who 'flagged' this as being fake?
  9. If you can find that entry, I'd like to triangulate my theory. Thanks!
  10. It's been five years since I posted my grandfather's dog tags. Yesterday, I finally found a set to another soldier which matched his stamping. Both guys were stationed in Spokane WA in 1943. My grandfather at Geiger, and this Mr Muha at Galena Air Depot on the same side of town. They must have had them done in that area, since my grandfather shipped off to PNG with his engineer unit, and this man stayed in the US as a AAF Armorer over in Pendelton, OR. Always bugged me that I couldn't explain the odd stamping.
  11. I have one of those too. Discovered it in a newspaper that said his daughter got a set before his wife received hers. VN KIA.
  12. I one time tracked down the son of a WWII PH KIA to confirm he still had the medal. He did, and therefore my engraved heart was a different guy. That being said, if the family has this sailor's PH, that may answer your questions.
  13. I've seen this green backing before. Was this korean made? Era? Thx S
  14. This is the style of G I've seen on the WWII large machine engraved medals.
  15. The S N Y D E R is good. Guy was from your location.
  16. Crazy, I only saw the remembrance in my search. Before that, I couldn't get him to pull up.
  17. Wow, that is really cool. Great research. Strange that the WWII Memorial doesn't have him officially listed. Someone had to enter the remembrance.
  18. Thoughts on this variation? Thx S
  19. CBI Grouping. Wondering if anyone here has this group from Ebay. I have some of his items as well. Looking to reunite if possible.
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