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  1. I've seen a couple of these before. New to me is the cheese cloth backed one. Was the light blue version an early style? Thanks Sean
  2. I'd like to see if anyone knows more about this patch? This is VN made, right? Thanks! S
  3. This patch is constructed a little different than many of the other VN ones I have. Really great craftsmanship. S
  4. Were these put mostly on boonies hats? Does this color tab reference a specific branch of the service? Thanks, Sean I'll try to upload a photo. Says the server won't do it.
  5. Here is an example of what I'm saying. -Look up E23, that is Emblem Supply Company. -How long did they produce military DUIs? Don't know -How many different markings did that company have? Dont know -Which style of marking was used during what dates? Dont know
  6. Is there a place to find DUI hallmarks explained, i.e. dates used, manufacturer etc. I'm finding a lot of new markings I'd never seen. Wish someone had a book reference. Thx Sean
  7. I've seen a different style of vulcan mark with a symbol below the letters. What era would this vulcan stamp be? Thanks S
  8. Interesting. I was wondering if they were period made. I'd not seen this style of souvenir before. The "bomb burst" said to measure 16x16. But the countryside stitch work was 7.5x7.5. S
  9. These we sold recently. Wandering peoples thoughts on era, etc. Thanks S
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