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  1. Were these types of shields used by the soldiers as a form of dog tag or identification?
  2. In short, I had some people on Facebook get overzealous about 'finding the family' or even trying to claim they were family when clearly they were not. I mean one guy had zero relation other than the same last name and had no black lineage at all. So I decided to obscure the name. Most of those people were trying to just claim the relic I think. lol
  3. I found this item on a Spanish American War camp. This particular camp has a fascinating history -- this was a "colored unit" that got into a very well publicized series of racially charged incidents and violence with other units. These events made the front page of the NY Times, papers nationwide, and even in England. I've obscured the name while I research the individual here in this picture, so that funny looking spot in the middle is where the soldier's name is.
  4. I'm having trouble nailing down date ranges for a hat pin I found. Various sites on Facebook and the internet are all over the place with these in terms of date. I had someone tell me post-WW1, I've had some tell me WW1, and I've also found identical pins being sold from several vintage military sites online as 'Spanish American War'. Can you folks help me out?
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