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  1. That sure looks like the pattern alright...interesting, thanks John
  2. Do any of you guys have and example of an early Dunham wing...or know where I could reference one....? I'd like to see what they look like out of curiosity. Thanks, Dick
  3. The particular design of the wing closely resembles the classic USN wing pattern. As a side note, even if not related to the USN in particular, the maker apparently borrowed the pattern from the USN. Earlier wings exhibit more delicate treatment which has always offered a visual thrill if that makes sense, and I can't help marvel at how attractive and they are.
  4. Only three images show up on my picture file for some reason - I hate windows 10 - standby... Any ideas on the similarity to USN styling?
  5. I picked this wing up back in the mid seventies from an old established coin shop in San Antonio. The shop owner or employee was very unhappy about it being sold without their knowledge. It was early in my collecting days and I assumed it was a very old USN Flight Surgeon Wing. After all these years I still don't know what it represents. My theory is it was jeweler made for a Navy Flight Surgeon before an approved wing was officially available. The wing appears to be brass with silver plate, hand finished and three piece. The silver disk was probably soldered to the wing finished with caduceus on top. As soon as I can figure out how to modify my camera settings to take smaller images I'll post further detailed photos. Anyone that's seen anything familiar or has comments please sound off. Dick
  6. madcap

    WWI Repro Wings

    Thanks much for your reply. My initial interest in collecting was totally directed at original examples but it seemed within about 5-7 years repros started to to show up - it may have been sooner but I know my early wings were all original. I know some of my collection contains repros of questionable quality but gave up some time back looking any more to add to my originals. I'd like to post some photos of my collection in an appropriate thread if you or someone could direct me. One particular, very early high quality wing (USN Medical/Flight Surgeon??) I've had for decades is a puzzle and might raise some interesting comments. Best, Dick
  7. I'm new to the forum but have been studying it over for a few weeks since becoming involved with in a local WWI Anniversary Armistice celebration that renewed my wing collecting interest. My collecting started over 40 years ago when original wings were not expensive or difficult to find before eBay, but was never fortunate to come across any WWI Air Service wings. At the risk of appearing unacceptable I'd like to appeal to any WWI wing collectors out there that may have any high quality repros they aren't attached to and would be willing to sell at reasonable cost to please let me know. I'd especially appreciate to find a Dallas Wing and Halthrom wing if possible. I look forward to sharing some of my relatively small collection few of which I hesitate to mention I know are repros and others may be questionable but learning whatever more experienced collectors may have to add will be appreciated. I also have some unusual wings that have always made me curious and hope to learn what if anything they may be. Thanks, madcap sends
  8. Hello, it's great to be here. I started collecting mostly wings and flight gear about 40+ years ago but since thinned out the collection a bit but with interest in continued learning and maybe even adding something interesting again. Thanks for the opportunity to join the community... Dick
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