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  1. Varangian: Looks like an interesting concise reference. I so far have not been to find a copy of the spiral bound version. Amazon is selling the "Kindle" can you advise as how I could get one ? Thanks Pony Soldier
  2. Sorry, I have no knowledge about what happened. Your comment about a failure to follow through sound like a very good possibility given the changing market conditions. I am talking to them about the shipping arrangements and will see if they can offer any thoughts. I will also be trying to sell 114 when I can find a buyer. With it sold I am trying to fill my last hole in the military portion I am interested in, the Hicks knife. Pony Soldier
  3. Hello all: Just checking into the forum. On the Poulin auction, have to confess that I am the one who picked up the M1911, serial no. 167. Like all of you have said the prices went way low. I tend to believe the last post stating it is a function of the economy. Prices for this sort of thing are currently depressed and likely to remain so for a while. I spoke with Poulin several months ago about the 1911 as it was originally to be listed in their April auction, but ended up in October. As some of you have read I had earlier picked up M1911 serial no 114 with the black and gold color
  4. All: I have ordered one also. Had previously sent Dusan some material on the M1911 and Pattons. Wonder how much of it went in the book. Based on his other book and articles he has an excellent worker for him in the Archives, looking forward to getting the book as I know is gonna be great. Pony Soldier
  5. Hello: The felt pad you see on the LF&C saber is a armory sponsored item. It was intended to absorb some of the impact shock derived from contact. They are fairly uncommon to find these days. I will look for the actual paperwork from the armory this evening and try to post additional info tomorrow. Pony Soldier
  6. Sean: Congratulations on securing one of the Poulin Auctions M1911. My teeth almost fell out when I opened auction site the first time and saw not one but three of them plus the M1905's. Just my curious nature but which serial number were you able to win. With the commission rate they charge and the onsite bidders it is usually hard to win an internet auction. When I first saw them I thought perhaps about going for one of them, later talked myself out of the emotional surge. At any rate good for you and hope it finds a center piece display area. Pony Soldier (Ken)
  7. To all Springfield and Patton collectors: An amazing set of rarites has just been posted for auction. Check out "Poulin Auctions" for the October three day firearms auctions. Included in the third day catalog are 3 M1911 experimentals and I M1905 experimental. They have the sabers and scabbards, one however has taken a regular M1913 scabbard and formed it to resemble a M1911. At any rate it does add three more M1911 now known as to serial number and are there for the taking if one has the appetite and wallet to match. Pony Soldier
  8. Hello: Black Reed: On your "Custer " Springfield as others have noted more pictures will confirm what it is. With what you have shown I can guess it may well be a parts gun. The serial number is in the correct range, however most Custer guns fall into two other different ranges. The first thing I saw was the rear sight is wrong, you have a M1879 type rather then the 73. Here are a number of other items to check. The knurling on the hammer should be coarse. No holes in the buttlplates for cleaning rods. The stock will be of the "long wrist" variety. The lock will have three clicks o
  9. Hello all: As I noted in a June posting I am now listing more Patton saber knives I have acquired over the years. Serial number 37634 is shown with its San Antonio type scabbard. This one is unusual in that as far as I have found it is the highest serial number recorded. The Kellerstedt book and the Springfield Edge website note the highest number at that time as being 37610. There are more to put up but so far I am not smart enough to figure out how to resize the files so they will upload. Given that looks like I will have to list them one or two at a time. At any rate hope you
  10. To all Patton saber knife lovers: I have meant to post these sooner but was hard finding time to picture them and then trying to post as the file was too big and and I too slow to figure it out. At any rate here are a couple of my pickup's. Because the file is still too big I will try to put up more of them in separate postings. As some of you may know I have a thing for Patton sabers and serial numbers in general. I got these two because they were so different. The antler handle one has been chromed and I really liked the horse head handle. Pony Soldier
  11. All: You could even sandwich in another "type 4" between the "2" and "3" with another variety for collectors. When the tent peg was ground off you can find some that still retain a "nubbin" about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of projection still remaining. Good hunting. Pony Soldier
  12. Chris: A quick answer to your question on Patton scabbards. If you can find a copy Burton Kellerstedts book, "Swords and sabers of Springfield Armory", in it you will find some clear pictures of the scabbard varieties. He has some discussion on the reasons and the photos say it all. Best, Pony Soldier
  13. Tim, bheskett and cwnorma: Thanks to all three of you for posting the info. It just shows what pleasure there is in collecting and the group of people who are in the various fields. Even so small a thing are just gathering numbers. I continue to find numbers and appreciate any help I get in this quest. Eventually it will prove of value to the fraternity for any answers it may bring forth. As I can I will post photos of Patton knives with numbers, made from cutdown sabers These are from my collection that I have found over the last 20 years. Pony Soldier
  14. Hello Oscarduece and Cavsaddle: Thanks for sending the Patton saber serial numbers. They are appreciated as I continue to record data. We know there are some 37,000 serial numbers for Patton's from Springfield and if I can get enough of them, some questions can at least be partially answered or reasonably projected. On the tent pole scabbard variety which is assumed to be fairly rare in numbers surviving I am coming to the belief that there may be more "out there" than is usually thought. More numbers will reveal that. As for serial numbers please keep them coming. If I can live l
  15. Bill: As I am in Portland area also we have probably run into one another at some time. i knew I should have went out to the Expo., but it is not like I do not have enough Patton's already. You did very well for yourself, as for the grips and a scabbard I believe I can help or you can see what turns up on Ebay. Anyway always nice to see a new Patton and get the serial number. Pony Soldier
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