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  1. Mike, That is quite a bit of information you provided. I really appreciate your passion for these items. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the expert opinion. Do these badges have much value? Can the soldier be traced for information on his service? His name is E.B. Edwards.
  3. I would like to know if this badge is original or a copy please.
  4. Thank you all for the help and information.
  5. Other than the engraving, what are other features that would indicate a fake?
  6. What do you members think about the Dewey medal listed on Ebay? The medal engraving looks very rough. The person named is on the ship roster. The medal is supposed to be a Tiffany made piece.
  7. I found this medal a year ago at a swap meet. It is 1 5/8" tall and name engraved on the back. I would like any information you may have on this item please.
  8. Thank you both for your information and nice comments.
  9. Thank you for the information. I am glad it is genuine. I am surprised with the value estimate. I found it at a local swap meet a few years ago, and probably paid less than $5 for it.
  10. I found this disc and would like any information and opinions please. So far, I found this information on the man: HTTHREE, WILLIAM.—Age 23 years. Enlisted August 3, 1861, at Rochester; mustered in as private, Company C, August 3, 1861, to serve three years; discharged for disability, December 7, 1862, at Alexandria, Va Are these medals typical for Civil War vets? Does it have any value?
  11. I see the logic in both of your suggestions. Thank you for the good advice.
  12. aerialbridge, How would I go about repairing the back pin?
  13. Yes, part of the back pin is missing. Thank you Gents for the positive opinions.
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