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  1. Hello guys. Can anyone give me the details to look for, for an original pair of canvas and rubber overshoes? I bought a pair on eBay and they have not arrived yet, but would like to know if I got ripped off or not. From what I can tell with limited research available on the subject, I think they are original, but I'd like to be sure. Does anyone have first hand knowledge on these, or maybe a link that would give me the info so I can compare? Below are pics of the ones I purchased. I would greatly appreciate any help on the subject!Thanks gentlemen!
  2. I also used the Velcro strips with adhesive backing to hang pics on an angled wall. The one thing you have to think about is what side of the wall is facing the sun for the majority of the day. I found out the hard way that the ceiling that was towards the sun on the south side warmed up more than the other and melted the adhesive, which it turn let pictures go crashing to the floor and breaking in the middle of the day and night. I remedied this by re-attaching the next set with a few drops of gel Super Glue added to the Velcro adhesive, and pressed until I thought it was set well enough. So
  3. That is a great desk. I hope someone identifies it because I would really like to have one! Thank you for sharing!
  4. I just found one on eBay and it's in beautiful shape. Everything was original and I was lucky it was all complete. You did a great restoration! I will leave mine original I think, as all the paint is there and no rust. It's a great piece and we're both lucky to own one!
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