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  1. Thank you for your help. I will have a closer look at the vest and the mentioned thread. But I can´t believe, that it should be a repro, because it doesn´t look like a typically repro. Moreover the vest was found with other original US equipment from WW2 in an old house, in an area where the Americans were. My researches are going on this.
  2. Thank you for the welcome! @Backtheattack: I´m from North Rhine-Westphalia. Hello to Bavaria!
  3. Hi! I´ve got this assault vest and I´m not really sure, if this is a fake or it´s real. According to my researches, it could be an Assault Vest in OD #3 by the manufacturer J A Shoe Co. Only the U.S. marking is on it and no producer! The stencils are not very decent made (they look like, they were stamped in hurry). The same with the sewing. There is yarn, which is not cut off after the sewing. The size is LARGE. The vest is in a pretty nice condition with slightly sign of use. The fabric and the hardware are top. The press buttons on the rear bottom are marked with "Scovill MfG Co.". Th
  4. Hi! I´m named Jack and I´m reenactor and collector of US Militaria from WW2. I hope for good and informative discussion! If you have any question, feel free and ask Regards, Jack
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