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  1. Welcome, you can go to the ( Korean war veterans association) They have a web sit. I was a member, anyone who served in Korea can be a member, I was there for 15 months in Korea, back in the 90,ee
  2. welcome to the forum, glad to see an aviation guy. Where did you do your huey school. I went to huey school in 89 at fort rucker, 58 delta in 94 at fort Eustice, blackhawks in 97 at Fort Eustice and Alse. I got 15 years as a crewchief, Thanks for your service.
  3. Welcome Mark, You need to stay with the guards, I was Army then guard for 28 years. Also did several years around Chi-town and Gary Indiana.
  4. Welcome PBR runner, Thanks, for your service. I done some traning with the navy back in 1990. They still had so of the PBR left. I got to go out on one of the PBR. We had our huey there to help support the navy. Our VFW are losing folks too.
  5. Welcome , there is a guy on ww11 forums, live in Normandy
  6. Welcome to forum, did live in Westland Mi. Also have stayed at the seebee base at gulf port ms.
  7. Welcome, I did live in westland Mi. Good luck on the museum
  8. Well I did the 1983 reforger to Germany with m60a3 . Then in 85 we were the round out for the 1st cav, We got 150 M1 abrams, 105 gun tube... I loved tanken, 19E 19 Q, but I was getting old, Then went in huey and blackhawks for 15 years. I got ww2 vehicles .
  9. Welcome,Like your collection, Thanks for your service. Were you a tanker.
  10. Welcome, I did live in garland tx, was a guardsman there, in a hook unit ch47. Were you in a SF unit. If so drop a line. wendell
  11. Great find. I live 10 miles from Shiloh military park, a lot of civil war Items are here
  12. Looks great. Do you have any military vehicle
  13. Well Thanks for replys. OK beast where in Indiana do you live. I did live in portage and gary Indana, I bought three new roadrunner in gary Indana back in the days, Also Indana is my second home, but live in Tennessee now day. ----------- 439th are you near Bristol tn. I use to go to the drag strip there,Yes the mopar are big money now, We work on cars also, I am having fun. so both give a reply if got time
  14. I like the ww2 stuff, I got 3 halftracks,3 m41a high speed tractor, ww2 IH 5 ton semi tractor. I like to take junk and make something out of it.also doing a resto on a 70 dodge challenger 440 6 pack too. I do not set on my duffle bag, I have fun, I was a RA army, then national guard total,29 years total, my last 15 years was full time on Hueys , then blackhawks as a crewchief, lot of time in the sky.
  15. Looks great, I got 3 halftracks to pull the cannon. Working on a m4 high speed tractor
  16. MohawkAlse, Like to hear about the mohawks,if ok. Last I saw of the mohawk were at camp Humphreys south Korea 1990. They flew the DMZ 24/7 all type of weather. I was a huey and Blackhawk crewchief for 15 years, I was the alse man too. We has the sph-4B then went to the HGU56p. Thanks
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