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  1. Looks great, You sure got a great deal. I hope to find another m2 for my m4 high speed tractor. I let my nephew have my m2 for his m3A1 halftrack. I got most of my parts from sarco years ago. If ok post more pictures, when you got it completed. I am also a ww2 buff.
  2. Welcome Geezer, you and family are great. I served in the Army with good folks from Washington state. I was also in korea too. How was korea for you . Veterans day is coming up, we will ride the veterans in the veteran day parade, I got 3 halftracks we use for the parade. So all you veterans get of your duffel bag and enjoy veteran day.
  3. I like the 43 gpw jeep and the other thing, I traded my ww2 jeep for a halftrack, but got a m38a1 basket case, Hope you also on g503 forum I am vj if your on the forum I have 5 tire pump if you need one, they fit under the back seat.
  4. This is a great post, wow beer that old and the bottles. The oldest beer I have is a large can of Sapporo. got it 1993. never been opened
  5. Welcome Larry, I got to head down your .+ way, Looks like you folks have really got a lot of new things now days. I looked you up on the web search. My last time down, I tried to trade Randy out of a m49 gun ring, for my halftrack. but no deal.
  6. Hello, Try G503 forum. They have a lot of info. on ww2 vehicles. I have halftracks and a m4a1 high speed tractor.They are fun.
  7. I hope to post a picture at Shiloh military park. Do you have any ww2 stuff to sell or trade wendell
  8. Ronnie, thats a great looking jeep. I want one too. I did not know the jeep that Dee had was yours at one time. He did a lot of work on it and the trailer. Well, he bought tony lutes halftrack, then sold it and made fair money. Looks like we a big happy family with the military vehicles. I got a lot of ww2 stuff and vehicle parts. I was going to post a picture of our vehicles at Shiloh, but will not take, it too large. I will post some pictures later. Oh , Ive, got a m38a1 jeep, but its a basket case. cheers wendell
  9. Well very good, Alvie is a wonderful person, You might have Alvie and you bring the jeep up for veterans day parade in nov.11. Also we do the Iuka Christmas parade. They have the Corinth ms. veterans day on youtube. We have the halftracks in the parade each year. Hey we have fun. I am going to the longist yard sell in the country. gadison Al to Addison Michigan wendell
  10. Where are you in Ms. I live 8 miles north of Corinth, Ms, on the state line. You will have to come to our veteran day parade in Corinth. We will have your ride the halftrack in the parade. wendell
  11. I was with the 278th acr in tn, I think we had around 31 cobra,s at one time. I was not on cobra, but was on hueys and then blackhawks for 15 years. I was a wg11 when I retired. A few years back I sent some first aid kits for a huey to Ga. they were doing a resto .
  12. Looks great and real. I got a ww2 Winchester carbine and bayonet, would like to have the bb gun too. I grew up in east tn. with a bb gun.
  13. Welcome, good luck with the book. cheers
  14. Welcome, hope you will post some pictures, I am looking for a none firing M2HB 50 cal. for my halftrack and M4 high speed tractor. cheers
  15. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your 31 years in the army and your dad,s service
  16. :)Welcome, from TN. next door to you, Have you been to Shiloh battle field events with a ww1 display. If so, I might know you.
  17. Hello Ed, I had forgot about wings in Daleville. Was your school up stairs over the huey hanger.I was there in 89, but was glad to clear there air space
  18. Thanks for pictures Looking great, Droops out, chalks in , ready in back, I am the crewchief
  19. Welcome, that really great . Yes, gear is pricey these days. Our VFW had a chance at a M60 tank but did not get it.We have a great veterans day parade every year. You can check out g503 forum, Good luck on finding the gear you need.
  20. I will send a pm about the 1919a4, I will need ammo and the belts. I am working on a m4A1 high speed tractor. Got to find a m2 hb 50 cal.
  21. All looks great, like the jeep and guns, I just got a 1919a4 single shoot, for the my halftracks.
  22. Welcome, That sure would have been great to find your dad,s M1 rifle. I only have a 1956 IHC M1 rifle, Winchester carbine and 1903 spring field. Well are you near Florence AL.
  23. Welcome, I like upstate NY, I was on a Nike base at Grand island. Best looking gals in the world at Buffalo , But that was in the old days. I live next to Shiloh Military park they do a lot of civil war reenacting here so come on down, We do ww2 events also. I got three halftracks.
  24. Welcome, Thanks for your service, I did a year in the Texas guard with a CH47 unit, next to dallas back in1981. They had a pathfinder unit, there also.
  25. Welcome,this is a great forum. I live near you, next to Shiloh, I got 3 halftracks, ww2 tractor, trailer, M4 high speed tractor, and other ww2 things. We ready to share.
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