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  1. while I was in South Korea, We  were flying a general one day.   We were flying  over  this large mountain, when on top, I seen the river  below us, also a Blackhawk  flying up the river. They turn and headed up the mountain at us.  Well I thought surely all the pilots see each other.  I sat there like a dumb azz and said nothing. The Blackhawk was getting closer and closer, first thing I knew it was  right in our face, That struck fear in my heart,  I hit the mike key. I yelled Bart , Blackhawk right in front of you, He throw the huey a hard right, The Blackhawk went hard right, We were   a second from hit each other.  Bart the pilot  yelled back dam Wendell you got good eyes.   Every  time I think of how we almost died, because I sat there like a dumb azz, I should have told the pilots about the other aircraft. I  though sure they seen it.   Also while I was there two cobra,s on a mountain top almost hit us, and another time A,10 almost hit us.  

  2. My brother was in the  occupation of japan 1946 to 47,  He was in yokohama with the army.  He had a picture of an army jeep that was painted black with ford car bumpers and other civilian parts on it.      I was in Korea 4 times with the army flying all over south korea.  gahm-sah  hahm-nee-dah  Thank you

  3. Welcome to the forum,   hope to see some pictures of your collection.      I think the ww2   veteran  were the best, they were my hero,s    I got a ww2 Japanese rifle and a lot of other ww2 things, like military vehicles. 

  4. great find. I have the same vest. but it,s army, also have the tm 55-1680-351-10 my vest is a sru-21/p. left side top pocket compass, bottom pocket prc90 radio set, right side top pocket tourniquet, next pocket,light marker, next with zipper , survival kit, next small pocket knife, the next fire starter. If your vest has the same items, the tm may be the same vest has 22 items Also no one should own a prc 90, I was also the alse man back in the days. did school a hunter hall fort eustic

  5. Welcome Geezer, you and family are great. I served in the Army with good folks from Washington state. I was also in korea too. How was korea for you . Veterans day is coming up, we will ride the veterans in the veteran day parade, I got 3 halftracks we use for the parade. So all you veterans get of your duffel bag and enjoy veteran day. :D

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